Upon completion of this program you will be able to successfully complete the development of a gamified video game" 


The design of a good video game implies the involvement of several professionals and elements to consider. To be an integral professional, capable of developing successful projects is what is desired both in the business and individual sphere. An in-depth knowledge of the gamification area and the existing problems in its development and expansion, allows the creation of attractive video games for the target audience, knowing what their motivations, behaviors and needs are.
This is where the programmatic quality of this professional master’s degree in Gamification in Video Games stands out; since the professional will master both the essential technical part for its development and the basic fundamentals of its good practices. It will be possible to master psychology to understand the user experience. The use of tools and techniques to generate creative ideas, in a world where everything seems to be already done, and to understand the keys to mastering the business when faced with the opportunity to present a prototype to the market.
A training that makes a difference in the student's professional experience, being able to adapt it to their current agenda with organization and little effort, since the distribution of the content is designed to provide comfort and agility in all processes. Thanks to the methodology implemented by TECH Technological University, with a modern vision and using the most advanced system. 

It highlights the possibility for the professional to choose where, how and when to study, as it is a 100% online degree. It can be started from any type of device with an internet connection, but also offers the possibility of downloading all the didactic material for consultation. The students will have professional teachers who will accompany them throughout their learning process during the 12 months of programming. 

You will master storytelling and scripting for gamification, and you will be able to generate innovative ideas for your video games"  

This professional master’s degree in Gamification in Video Games contains the most complete and up-to-date scientific program on the market. Its most notable features are:

  • The development of case studies presented by experts in video game development. 
  • The graphic, schematic, and eminently practical contents with which they are created, provide practical information on the disciplines that are essential for professional practice 
  • Practical exercises where self-assessment can be used to improve learning
  • Its special emphasis on innovative methodologies 
  • Theoretical lessons, questions for experts and individual reflection work 
  • Discussion forums, chat rooms, meeting rooms and expert community 
  • Content that is accessible from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection  

With this professional master’s degree, you will aunderstand the importance of psychology in the development of a memorable videogame" 

The program’s teaching staff includes professionals from the sector who contribute their work experience to this training program, as well as renowned specialists from leading societies and prestigious universities.
The multimedia content, developed with the latest educational technology, will provide the professional with situated and contextual learning, i.e., a simulated environment
that will provide immersive training programmed to train in real situations.
The design of this Program focuses on Problem-Based Learning, by means of which the professional will have to try to solve the different situations of Professional Practice, which will be posed throughout the Program. For this purpose, the student will be assisted by an innovative interactive video system created by renowned and experienced experts.    

Designing video games that everyone wants to play is only possible by applying Gamification"


You have the desire to achieve a better future. TECH has the tools. Study in a quality, 100% online and secure environment"


Due to the importance of technology today, the rise of digital entertainment and the evolving behavior of users, this program's main objective is to prepare highly trained professionals with differentiating qualities within the video game industry. Studying in depth Gamification as well as other necessary subjects such as psychology, efficient management of business models and sales. This completes the profile of a successful integral professional in video game development.  


Become an integral and successful professional in the development of gamified video games" 

General Objectives

  • Master in depth the field of gamification, its development and expansion 
  • Analyze all the variables of video games and their industry 
  • Professionalize the theoretical bases of gamification applied in each field of specialization 
  • Achieve autonomy in the development of videogames and their specializations 
  • Know the construction, application and needs of board games for their extrapolation into gamified products 
  • Study players' behavior and their level of satisfaction within a designed product 
  • Enhance design skills to make video games attractive and easy to use 
  • Manage specialized documentation processes 
  • Explore the behavior of the business and sales world 

Specific Objectives

Module 1 Gamification 

  • In-depth knowledge of the language of gamified game development 
  • Analyze the evolution of gamification and its competitors 
  • Problem solving within gamification professional development 
  • Acquire the necessary skills of a professional gamified game developer 

Module 2 Gamification Applied to Video Games  

  • In-depth knowledge of player motivations
  • Analyze user experiences to enhance the use of the gamified product 
  • Deepen the objectives within the game design 
  • Understand in detail the purposes for which gamified games work 

Module 3 Gamified Game Design 

  • Differentiate in a professional manner interactive products and their media 
  • Internalize the mission, vision and values of game development and design 
  • Creation of a consistent design according to the theoretical basis of board game design 
  • Analyze product types 
  • Deepen in the different professional roles in the gaming industry 

Module 4 Game Design and Gamification 

  • Master the tools and fundamentals of video game design 
  • Examine the genres and types of games available on the market 
  • Apply the MDA framework successfully in the development of gamified video games 
  • Implementing gaming rewards for market differentiation 
  • Interpret level and world design to optimize player experience 
  • Balance game economy for successful game progression 

Module 5 Video Game Documentation 

  • Apply in a professional manner the pillars of video game design within the character, camera and control systems
  • Interpret specialized documentation within the video game industry 
  • Document information related to the game design in an orderly and useful manner
  • Master communication strategies for efficient teamwork 

Module 6 Player Psychology 

  • Analyze player behavior for product optimization 
  • Discover the drivers of user behavior within the interactive environment. 
  • Understand the needs and motivations of a player's psychology in order to reshape them within the gamified game design 
  • Deepen in the different types of players according to experts

Module 7 User Experience for Gamification  

  • Identify the best way to include an interface within a product according to your needs 
  • Develop screen maps describing how the product works for good communication with the development team 
  • Apply the related laws within the player experience in a product 
  • Efficiently apply interface principles in the development of a product  

Module 8 Narrative and Scripting for Gamification 

  • Use methods and tools that facilitate the generation of ideas for a successful narrative 
  • Create worlds and characters that are believable to the human mind in an imaginary context 
  • Apply classic narrative structures for a complete story construction 
  • Develop the structure par excellence within the video game industry into new products  

Module 9 Business Models and Sale of Gamified Video Games 

  • Knowledge of the industry's business models and its characters 
  • Analyze the importance of branding and its successful application 
  • Delve into ways to raise capital for new product development 
  • Identify the right prototype for each product type 
  • Understand the keys to selling a prototype  

Module 10 Gamification Design and Other Models 

  • Seamlessly develop the design process within the field of gamification 
  • Devise new success stories based on known products and best practices 
  • Apply metrics and analytics to support development within a launched product 
  • Learn about different models and success stories in order to define your own objectives 
  • Successful completion of gamified product development

The best degree available for you to run creative companies in the video game industry” 

Professional Master's Degree in Gamification in Video Games


Dive into the exciting world of gamification and become an expert in creating innovative gaming experiences with the Professional Master's Degree in Gamification in Video Games offered by TECH Technological University. Discover how gamification is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and how you can apply it to create unique and engaging experiences. Our postgraduate course is taught through online classes, which gives you the flexibility to study from anywhere and adapt your schedule to your personal and professional life. You will be able to access the course content at any time and learn at your own pace, without geographical restrictions or time constraints. At TECH Technological University, we are proud to offer a high quality online educational experience. You will have a team of professors who are experts in the video game industry, who will guide you in your learning and provide you with an updated view of the latest trends in gamification. In addition, you will have access to interactive teaching resources and advanced technological tools that will help you develop your skills in video game creation.

Power your professional profile through video games


The Professional Master's Degree in Gamification in Video Games will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and develop engaging and addictive game experiences. You will learn the fundamental principles of gamification, including game mechanics, narrative, level design and technical aspects. In addition, you will explore how to apply gamification in different contexts, such as education, healthcare, marketing and corporate training. Gamification is a powerful tool to motivate, engage and retain users. With our Professional Master's Degree, you will be prepared to take full advantage of the potential of video games as an effective form of communication and participation. You will become a professional capable of creating immersive and memorable game experiences that generate impact on users and meet the objectives of your projects. If you are passionate about video games and want to turn that passion into a successful career, join TECH and acquire the skills you need to excel in this industry.