At TECH, we work every day to improve our students' experience, both on an academic and a personal level. One of our top priorities is to offer comprehensive and personalized assistance from the first moment until graduation, and this represents an integral part of our educational excellence. The more than 100,000 students taught per year are a testimony to the quality of our postgraduate programs, as well as to the quality of our teaching and administrative staff. In order to uphold this excellence, we have appointed a Student Advocate, who is responsible for receiving, managing and seeking solutions to any complaints concerning TECH Technological University.

Our commitment to continuous improvement puts the student at the center of the educational community: Therefore, we provide a service where we will handle any complaint you may have regarding TECH Technological University, and we are at your disposal to offer you quick and efficient solutions, guaranteeing complete confidentiality. Any member of TECH Technological University may request the intervention and mediation of the Student Advocate.

If you wish to express a complaint about TECH Technological University, you can contact the Student Advocate by completing the fields on this form. This way, you can report any unusual situations that are taking place, including those in which you believe there is a violation of rights or an unfair circumstance is occurring. Please give as much detail as possible about your case so that we can expedite the handling of your claim and provide you with the solution you need as soon as possible.

Please fill in this form to send us your request.