The figure of the flavor designer is becoming an indispensable figure in work teams in areas related to gastronomy. A challenge that requires from the professional, an arsenal of knowledge that includes biochemical knowledge, social trends and project development"


The professional master’s degree in Flavor Design is presented as a formative action that favors connection, learning, participation and knowledge construction. A program that aims not only to offering you specific knowledge, but also to create capable, innovative, and revolutionary professionals in their sector. 

You will embark on a training course with us, designed to be practical, active, and participatory. You will work intensively but flexibly, thoroughly but concretely.  

You will be personally monitored by a mentor, who will accompany you throughout the program. 

This support will be provided through a wide range of communication possibilities, both in real time and delayed: internal messaging, discussion forums, telephone answering service, e-mail contact with the technical department, chat, and videoconferencing. 

In addition, you will be able to share with other students and professionals in this field through the different systems provided in the course and the networking incorporated into the course.  

With this highly complete professional master’s degree, you will get the necessary training to become a professional in Flavor Design and give your CV an important added value" 

This professional master’s degree in Flavor Design offers you the characteristics of a course of high scientific, teaching and technological level: 

  • The latest technology in online teaching software 
  • A highly visual teaching system, supported by graphic and schematic contents that are easy to assimilate and understand  
  • Practical cases presented by practising experts 
  • State-of-the-art interactive video systems
  • Teaching supported by telepractice
  • Continuous updating and recycling systems
  • Autonomous learning: full compatibility with other occupations 
  • Practical exercises for self-evaluation and learning verification
  • Support groups and educational synergies: questions to the expert, debate and knowledge forums
  • Communication with the teacher and individual reflection work
  • Content that is accessible from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection 
  • Supplementary documentation databases are permanently available, even after the course

This professional master’s degree is not only designed to provide you with the most up-to-date content in Flavor Design, but it has been designed to promote a creative and stimulating learning environment"

The program's teaching staff includes leading professionals who contribute their vast work experience to this training program. Additionally, recognized specialists participate in its design and preparation, which means that the program is developed in an interdisciplinary manner. Teachers with vocation that will give the necessary impulse to grow. 

Thanks to multimedia content developed with the latest educational technology, you will be immersed in situated and contextual learning. In other words, a simulated environment that will provide immersive learning, programmed to train for real situations. 

A learning process that you will have to integrate into teamwork, learning to investigate, argue, and defend your ideas and decisions. In this way, we work on the development of other personal and professional skills, essential for personal and professional success. 

Observing the expert in the process of performing the task, triggers brain mechanisms similar to those activated when performing the same activity: this is the principle of the high efficiency of our "learning from an expert"


This professional master’s degree offers training in simulated environments, which provides an immersive learning experience designed to train for real-life situations"


professional master’s degree aims to train highly qualified professionals for the workplace. An objective that is complemented, moreover, in a global manner, by promoting human development that lays the foundations for a better society This objective materializes by helping professionals reach a much higher level of expertise and control. A goal that, in just twelve months, you can consider achieved, with a high intensity and precision course. 


Our goal is yours: to provide you with the best online training and specialization in Flavor Design. A one-of-a-kind course that will propel you to the forefront of your industry"

General Objectives

  • Define and classify flavors
  • Provide participants with an overview of flavor chemistry and its sensory relationship
  • Identify the neural processes that are affected through tastes 
  • Apply flavor chemistry to processes
  • Identify the main sources and suppliers of aromatic chemicals 
  • Carry out the Flavor Design process in different environments
  • Apply the most innovative techniques in Flavor Design
  • Revolutionize gastronomy through chemistry and other techniques
  • Understand how to carry out various techniques in Flavor Design

Specific Objectives

Module 1. Introduction to the Study of Flavors  

  • Determine the development of flavorings in compliance with existing regulation  

Module 2. Aromatic Chemicals and Vehicles  

  • Explain the mixture of aromatic chemicals in the flavoring
  • Determine the behavior of aromatic chemicals within the food matrix and all the reactions produced during the food preparation processes

Module 3. Biochemistry

  • Define the differences between essential oils from fruits, vegetables and spices, aromatic plants, and animal profiles

Module 4. Creation and Methodology  

  • Review and unify the concepts learned for creating emotional and successful flavors and aromas
  • Determine the use of chromatographs to generate flavor
  • Obtain new tools that will allow you to enhance your creativity and innovation skills

Module 5. Fundamentals and Techniques   

  • Develop and apply a flavor, living the experience and chronological development of the creative process
  • Landing and sensory evaluation of a finished product that meets the demands of today's consumer, through trials and exercises. Section: flavor in gastronomy

Module 6. Basic Exploration of the Evolutionary Implications of Foods 

  • Identify how emotional behavior and its temporary nature occur in the mind, linked biochemically to the neuronal mechanism generating "memories" and "experiences"
  • Understand how the neural processes that generate the formation of memories are associated with flavor stimuli

Module 7. Natural Raw Materials Used as Flavorings

  • Identify the natural raw materials used as flavor components
  • Know the applicable techniques for the purification/improvement of natural raw materials used as flavor components

Module 8. Introduction to the Use of Flavorings in Cooking

  • Determine the quantity of flavorings in the kitchen
  • Identify suitable vehicles for flavors in the kitchen
  • Know the complements of sensations and flavors in the kitchen

Module 9. Molecular Gastronomy  

  • Understand the application of laboratory techniques in food preparation
  • Elaborate starters, dishes, desserts and beverages using innovative techniques and materials of molecular cuisine

Module 10. Neuromodulators in the kitchen as food flavor enhancers  

  • Modulate/Eliminate undesirable hints in foods through the use of flavor modulators
  • Highlight desirable flavor hints through the use of flavor neuromodulators

Módulo 11. Affective Flavors

  •  Provoke memories and affective sensations through flavor design 

Enter one of the most creative and exciting areas in the world of gastronomy with the background of a complete professional, qualified to successfully lead any project"

Professional Master's Degree in Flavor Design

The gastronomic world is a booming sector that is renewed every day with the purpose of offering people a unique combination of flavors and textures. One of the key factors that has contributed to the success of this field is the innovation and variety in both sweet and savory dishes. If you want to specialize in the creation of this culinary art and learn about the latest developments in the industry, at TECH you will find a Professional Master's Degree in Flavor Design; a program of high academic level with which you will be an expert in defining, mixing and classifying tastes through the analysis of biochemical processes and social trends focused on food production. By developing this postgraduate course, you will have the continuous support of experienced professionals who will contribute their best knowledge to provide you with a stimulating training that will lay the foundations for your success as a designer of aromas and taste sensations.

Professional Master's Degree in the largest School of Nutrition

Upon graduating from this postgraduate program, you will strengthen your skills and obtain better job opportunities in the world of avant-garde gastronomy. You will learn everything related to the role of the senses in the creation of flavors, food regulations and legislation, and the classification of flavorings: artificial, natural, synthetic and WONF. At TECH we have the most innovative curriculum in the sector, we provide you with the necessary foundations to become an expert in this art. Throughout 1,500 hours of training you will specialize in knowing in depth the panorama around the chemistry of flavors and their sensory relationship with the main aromatic sources. You will also be an expert in handling the basic techniques in instrumental flavor analysis, which includes olfaction, classification and differentiation in food.

Professional Master's Degree Program

By taking this Postgraduate Certificate program you will be fully qualified to develop gastronomic projects that will boost your career growth as a flavor designer. You will be able to handle taste chemistry and aspects related to the use of essential oils derived from fruits, vegetables or spices. By specializing in this aspect, you will be able to revolutionize gastronomy through the use of the most innovative compounds and techniques related to sweet and savory flavors.