Proper nutrition is essential when performing intense physical activity, which is why many athletes seek the services of nutritionists for better advice” 


Changes in society have encouraged the practice of sports in practically all age groups. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people decide to seek nutritional advice from professionals to improve their physical condition and avoid any possible risks when exercising. As a result, it is no longer only elite athletes who are concerned about following a proper diet to improve their performance, but people of all ages: young people, adults and even seniors, feel the need to turn to specialized nutritionists to guide them in the nutritional field, taking into account their physical condition and the exercise they do. 

Therefore, nutritionists have found a new job opportunity in the sports field upon which to focus their knowledge, not only at the level of professional athletes, but also at an amateur level, having to obtain a higher level of qualification in order to deal with specific populations who have found physical exercise to be a good way to improve their health. For this reason, this Advanced master’s degree at TECH offers nutritionists the most complete information on the subject, enabling them to obtain a superior specialization that will allow them to work with a large proportion of the population who are looking for specialists in this sector to help them improve their physical conditions. 

Accordingly, the program provides a global vision of sports nutrition, while focusing on the most important and innovative aspects such as invisible training or proper diet for athletes, and nutrition before, during and after exercise. Additionally, it includes information related to professionals with different personal situations and who practice different sporting activites, specifying in each case the best dietary recommendations, with the objective that the nutritionist has comprehensive knowledge that allows them to adapt to each individual during their daily practice. 

For this purpose, TECH proposes an innovative study method, in which practice is the key to effective learning. So, with this completely original methodology, professionals will have the opportunity to combine theoretical study with practical cases, in such a way that learning will be much more effective and efficient. And all this is in a 100% online format, which will allow students to study from anywhere in the world, without having to physically make unnecessary trips to a classroom, allowing them to self-manage their study time as they wish. A unique opportunity that will be indispensable for your professional development. 

Immerse yourself in the study of the latest concepts in sports nutrition and develop the ability to effectively advise your clients" 

This Advanced master’s degree in Comprehensive Sports Nutrition contains the most complete and up-to-date scientific program on the market. The most important features include: 

  • The latest technology in online teaching software
  • A highly visual teaching system, supported by graphic and schematic contents that are easy to assimilate and understand
  • Practical case studies presented by practising experts
  • State-of-the-art interactive video systems
  • Teaching supported by remote education
  • Continuous updating and retraining systems
  • Autonomous learning: full compatibility with other occupations
  • Practical exercises for self-evaluation and learning verification
  • Support groups and educational synergies: questions to the expert, debate and knowledge forums
  • Communication with the teacher and individual reflection work
  • Content that is accessible from any, fixed or portable device with an Internet connection
  • Complementary resource banks that are permanently available

This program will enable you to acquire new skills and knowledge in a smooth and efficient manner" 

The teaching staff for this program is composed of practising professionals. This way, TECH can fulfill the objective of academic updating that it has set for itself. A multidisciplinary staff of experienced professionals from a variety of environments, who will develop theoretical knowledge in an efficient manner, but above all, will provide students with practical knowledge derived from their own experience.   

This command of the subject is complemented by the effectiveness of the methodological design of this Advanced master’s degree. As such, it was developed by a multidisciplinary team of e-learning experts and integrates the latest advances in educational technology, allowing students to study with a range of convenient and versatile multimedia tools that will give them the operational skills they need for their profession.   

The design of this program is based on Problem-Based Learning, an approach that conceives learning as a highly practical process. To achieve this remotely, TECH will use telepractice. With the help of an innovative interactive video system and Learning from an Expert, students will be able to acquire the knowledge as if they were facing the scenario they are currently learning about. A concept that will allow students to integrate and memorize what they have learnt in a more realistic and permanent way.   

This 100% online Advanced master’s degree will allow you to combine your studies with your professional work while increasing your knowledge in this field"


TECH offers you the best teaching methodology and a variety of case studies that will make the theoretical concepts more understandable"


The primary objective of this Advanced master’s degree is to offer students the most comprehensive and pertinent information on Sports Nutrition. Therefore, it not only covers the global aspects of this branch of knowledge, but also addresses the more specific issues that may affect athletes from specific population groups. Undoubtedly, a unique program that will raise nutritionists' performance to the highest quality standards.   


If your goal is to improve your daily practice in the field of sports nutrition, this Advanced master’s degree offers you everything you need"  

General objectives

  • Update the professional's knowledge of new trends in human nutrition
  • Promote work strategies based on the practical knowledge of the new trends in nutrition and their application to athletes
  • Encourage the acquisition of technical skills and abilities, through a powerful audiovisual system, and the possibility of development through online simulation workshops and/or specific training
  • Encourage professional stimulation through continuous education and research
  • Educate the professional for research into patients with nutritional problems
  • Handle advanced knowledge on nutritional planning in professional and non-professional athletes for the healthy performance of physical exercise
  • Manage and consolidate the initiative and entrepreneurial spirit needed to launch projects related to nutrition in physical activity and sport
  • Manage advanced knowledge on nutritional planning in professional athletes of various fields in order to achieve maximum sports performance
  • Learn advanced knowledge about nutritional planning in professional athletes from team sports to achieve the highest sports performance
  • Know how to incorporate the different scientific advances into one' s own professional field
  • Integrate the ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment
  • Gain advanced understanding of the context in which their area of expertise is being developed
  • Manage advanced skills in the detection of possible signs of nutritional changes associated with sports activities
  • Manage the necessary skills through the teaching-learning process that will allow them to continue studying and learning in the field of sports nutrition, both through the contacts established with professors and professionals in the Advanced Master's Degree, as well as in an autonomous way
  • Specialize in the structure of muscle tissue and its role in sports
  • Know the energetic and nutritional needs of athletes in different pathophysiological situations
  • Specialize in the energetic and nutritional needs of athletes in the different situations specific to age and gender
  • Become a specialist in the dietary strategies for the prevention and treatment of injured athletes
  • Specialize in the energetic and nutritional needs of child athletes
  • Specialize in the energetic and nutritional needs of Paralympic athletes

Specific objectives

Block 1. Nutrition in Physical Activity and Sport 

  • Analyze the different methods for assessing nutritional status
  • Interpret and integrate anthropometric, clinical, biochemical, hematological, immunological, and pharmacological data in the patient's nutritional assessment and dietary-nutritional treatment
  • Ensure early detection and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative deviations from the nutritional balance due to excess or deficiency
  • Describe the composition and utilities of new foods
  • Explain the different techniques and products of basic and advanced nutritional support related to the athlete’s nutrition
  • Explain the correct use of ergogenic aids
  • Explain the current anti-doping regulations
  • Identify psychological disorders related to the practice of sport and nutrition

Block 2. Nutrition for Special Populations in Physical Activity and Sport 

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the structure of skeletal muscle
  • Understand in depth the functioning of skeletal muscle
  • Deepen understanding of the most important changes that occur in athletes
  • Delve into the mechanisms of energy production based on the type of exercise performed
  • Further understanding of the interaction between the different energy systems that make up the muscle energy metabolism
  • Interpret biochemical factors to detect nutritional deficits or overtraining states
  • Interpret the different types of body composition in order to optimize the appropriate weight and fat percentage for the sport being practised
  • Monitor the athlete throughout the season
  • Plan seasonal schedules according to individual requirements
  • Deepen understanding of the most important characteristics of the principal watersports
  • Understand the demands and requirements associated with sports activities in aquatic environments
  • Distinguish between the nutritional needs of different watersports
  • Differentiate between the main performance limiting factors caused by climate
  • Develop an acclimatization plan appropriate to the situation given
  • Deepen understanding of the physiological changes caused by high altitude
  • Establish the correct individual hydration guidelines according to the climate
  • Differentiate between the different types of vegetarian athletes 
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the main mistakes made 
  • Treat the notable nutritional deficiencies of sportsmen and sportswomen 
  • Manage skills to provide the athlete with the most effective tools to combine foods
  • Establish the physiological and biochemical mechanism of diabetes both at rest and during exercise
  • Deepen understanding of how the different insulins or medications used by diabetics work
  • Assess the nutritional requirements for people with diabetes both in their daily life and in exercise, to improve their health
  • Deepen the knowledge necessary to plan nutrition for athletes of different disciplines with diabetes, in order to improve their health and performance
  • Establish the current state of evidence on Performance Enhancing Drugs in diabetics
  • Deepen understanding of the differences between the different categories of para athletes and their physiological-metabolic limitations
  • Determine the nutritional requirements of the different para-sportsmen in order to establish a specific nutritional plan
  • Further the knowledge necessary to establish interactions between the ingestion of pharmaceuticals in these athletes and nutrients, to avoid nutrient deficits
  • Understand the body composition of para athletes in different sport categories
  • Apply current scientific evidence on nutritional performance enhancing drugs
  • Establish the different characteristics and needs within sports by weight category
  • Understand in depth the different nutritional strategies for preparing the athlete for competition
  • Optimize the improvement of body composition through nutritional approach
  • Explain the specific physiological characteristics to be taken into account in the nutritional approach of different groups
  • Understand in depth the external and internal factors that influence the nutritional approach to these groups
  • Determine the different phases of the injury 
  • Help in the prevention of injuries 
  • Improve the prognosis of the injury 
  • Develop a nutritional strategy to meet the changing nutritional requirements during the injury period

Acquire advanced knowledge of nutrition, and apply the most appropriate diets for each athlete" 

Advanced Master's Degree in Integrative Sports Nutrition

Maintaining an adequate diet is especially important for people involved in sports, since their intensive physical activity exposes the body to a significant expenditure of energy. For this reason, nutritional assistance is essential for athletes, since, with an adequate nutritional plan, they will be able to maintain an optimal state of performance. At TECH Global University we developed the Advanced Master's Degree in Comprehensive Sports Nutrition, a program aimed at updating your knowledge and technical skills in the field in order to provide quality nutritional support and optimize the condition and responsiveness of your patients in the processes of energy intake and repair of muscle tissue. In this way, you will be able to offer the best services in your consultations and increase your professional prestige.

Specialize at the largest School of Nutrition

If you want to stand out as an expert in this area offering a safe and effective service, with a solid base of knowledge and technical skills, this program is for you. Through a highly rigorous syllabus, you will learn about the energy and nutritional needs of athletes according to their situation (age, sex, exercise intensity, physical characteristics, sports goals and pathophysiology); you will develop the most advanced knowledge for the nutritional planning of professional and non-professional athletes; you will detect possible nutritional deficits and states of overtraining, and you will establish dietary strategies according to the requirements during the period of injury and muscle recovery. With the support of experts in the area and innovative methods in the study of the latest advances in this discipline, you will have within your reach new skills that will help you make accurate and effective decisions to ensure a comprehensive and high quality service in your work practice.