The quality of care for patients with ICTUS is conditioned by the updating of the knowledge of the professionals who provide care. Get up to date on the procedures performed by nursing professionals before the patient in the intensive care unit"


Internal Medicine is a medical specialty that provides comprehensive patient care on a continuous basis from the outpatient to the inpatient units, through actions of support in illness and death, protection and promotion of health, and assistance in the reincorporation of the individual to society.

This specialty has a very broad and innovative field of action. With the introduction of new technologies in the detection of pathologies, their healing and the necessary care for each process, the nursing professional is a key element in the multidisciplinary approach in each and every one of its aspects.

From the title "Management and care of patients with ICTUS in acute and chronic phases" we want to train the student in the care and management of the patient with these pathologies, and bring theoretical knowledge to practical work. This knowledge is inextricably linked to quality care, which is why professional qualification in this field is of vital importance for all health professionals working in the health system.

The program of the postgraduate certificate is focused on providing an update in the management and care of the patient with stroke in the acute and chronic phases, bringing theoretical knowledge closer to practical work. This knowledge is inextricably linked to quality care, which is why professional qualification in this field is of vital importance for all health professionals working in the health system.

Through this course you will be able to update your knowledge in care for critical patients, improve prognosis and reduce sequelae and complications"

This postgraduate certificate in Nursing Care in Stroke Patients in Acute and Chronic Phases contains the most complete and updated scientific program on the market. The most important features of the program include:

  • Clinical cases presented by experts. The graphic, schematic, and eminently practical contents with which they are created, provide scientific and practical information on the disciplines that are essential for professional practice
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in treating patients with emergency respiratory pathologies
  • Presentation of practical workshops on procedures, diagnosis, and treatment techniques
  • An algorithm-based interactive learning system for decision-making in the clinical situations presented throughout the course
  • Includes theoretical lectures, questions to the expert, discussion forums on controversial issues and individual reflection papers
  • Content that is accessible from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection

This postgraduate certificate may be the best investment you can make when choosing a refresher program for two reasons: in addition to updating your knowledge in Nursing Care in Stroke Patients in Acute and Chronic Phases you will obtain a certificate issued by TECH"

Its teaching staff includes nursing professionals of reference, who contribute their work experience to this up to date program, in addition to other professionals specializing in the hospital emergency service.

The multimedia content developed with the latest educational technology will provide the professional with situated and contextual learning, i.e., a simulated environment that will provide immersive training program to train in real situations.

The design of the program is based on Problem-Based Learning, by means of which the nursing professional must try to solve the different professional practice situations that arise throughout the program. All this is supported by an innovative interactive video system developed by recognized experts in nursing care in the emergency service and with extensive teaching experience.

This postgraduate certificate offers training in simulated environments, which provides an immersive learning experience designed to train for real-life situations"


It includes clinical cases to bring the program's degree as close as possible to the reality of care in Nursing"


The course is geared towards a review of the main aspects of the management of patients with ICTUS, based on scientific evidence and the experience of recognized professionals.


It will give you a sense of security when taking decisions and providing care, which will help you grow both personally and professionally”

General Objective

  • Update the nursing professional who perform their care functions in the internal medicine service, following the principles of nursing methodology, in order to provide quality care to patients with ICTUS in acute and chronic phases

Specific Objectives

  • Describe the Internal Medicine Service and its organization
  • Acquire skills for a comprehensive patient assessment
  • Proper application of nursing records in the Internal Medicine Service
  • Identify expert care related to the safety of the patient
  • Identify the clinical changes in different situations
  • Apply the appropriate nursing care before and after the procedures or techniques to be performed in Internal Medicine
  • Recognise the necessary resource material for performing the different diagnostic and therapeutic tests
  • Identify the most common health problems in chronic illnesses
  • Identify which risk factors we can change and how to change them
  • Define and classify the different causes of strokes. Establish the nursing care when recovering from a stroke
  • Set the activation steps of the ictus code
  • Use the neurological and functional neurological assessment scales

Seize the opportunity and take the step to get up to date on the most important aspects of Nursing Care in Stroke Patients in Acute and Chronic Phases”

Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Management and Care of Acute and Chronic Stroke Patients

TECH presents the Postgraduate Certificate in Acute and Chronic Stroke Nursing Care and Management, an academic program designed to provide nurses with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high quality care to patients who have suffered a stroke. Stroke is a serious condition that affects millions of people worldwide each year. Nurses working in stroke units must be equipped with the necessary competencies to provide adequate care to these patients in the acute and chronic phase. The Postgraduate Certificate we offer is designed to provide Nurses with an in-depth understanding of stroke and its implications for nursing care. Students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the brain, stroke pathology, risk factors and available treatment options.

Specialize in stroke management and care.

This Postgraduate Certificate also covers important topics such as prevention of complications, pain management and rehabilitation. Students will learn how to work as a team with other healthcare professionals to provide integrated and comprehensive care for the stroke patient. Best of all, this Postgraduate Certificate is delivered entirely online, which means students can study from anywhere, anytime. Students have access to interactive learning materials and can interact with professors and other students through the online platform. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge in the management and care of stroke patients. Enroll now in the Postgraduate Certificate in Acute and Chronic Stroke Nursing Management and Care at TECH Global University and take the next step in your nursing career!