Nurses who want to specialize in adult immunization will find in this Postgraduate Certificate a superior training that will allow them to increase their professional competences" 

The Postgraduate Certificate in Adult Vaccination aims to train nursing professionals in the administration of vaccines to these patients, taking into account their age and characteristics. In this way, professionals will obtain superior skills to develop in this field.  

Specifically, this Postgraduate Certificate will show a contextualization of the vaccines to be administered in adult patients within the existing vaccination schedules for this age range. For this purpose, a division is made by age groups, since there are differences both in the type of vaccines and in the mode of administration according to the age of the patient, in which we review the vaccines to be administered in these age ranges, the current guidelines for administration according to official consultation sources and the indications for these vaccines.  

Studying this Postgraduate Certificate will also learn some specific circumstances within the group of adults when performing the vaccination process, such as the administration of vaccines in pregnant women and during breastfeeding. Vaccination of this particular group of adult patients requires extensive knowledge of the subject, which will give you confidence in your daily practice.   

In order to offer this very complete information to nurses, in this course we offer an important theoretical training, accompanied by numerous practical exercises. In this way, the student will be able, after understanding the texts, to practice with simulated practical cases as if they were facing real cases, which will allow them to carry out a more immersive and complete study, facilitating their understanding of the subject.  

In this course we have set out to offer you the most complete training on vaccination in a simple and easy to learn way. Also, being a 100% online training, you will have the opportunity to combine your study hours with the rest of your daily obligations, so that you can increase your training in a comfortable way. 

Increase your training in the field of vaccination and improve thanks to this highly academic training"

This Postgraduate Certificate in Adult Vaccination contains the most complete and up-to-date scientific program on the market. The most important features of the program include:    

  • Clinical cases presented by experts in vaccines
  • The graphic, schematic, and eminently practical contents with which they are created provide scientific and practical information on the disciplines that are essential for professional.
  • News on Vaccination
  • Practical exercises where self-assessment can be used to improve learning
  • An algorithm-based interactive learning system for decision-making in the clinical situations presented throughout the course.
  • Theoretical lessons, questions to the expert, debate forums on controversial topics, and individual reflection assignments
  • Content that is accessible from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection

This Postgraduate Certificate is the best investment you can make to training to acquire the best and most up-to-date training in vaccines"

Its teaching staff includes a professionals from the field of vaccines in nursing, who bring the experience of their work to this training, as well as recognised specialists from leading scientific societies. 

The multimedia content, developed with the latest educational technology, will provide the professional with situated and contextual learning, i.e., a simulated environment that will provide an immersive training program designed to train in real situations. 

The design of this program focuses on problem-based learning, by means of which the nurse must try to solve the different professional practice situations that arise throughout the program. For this purpose, the professional will be assisted by an innovative interactive video system created by renowned and experienced experts in vaccination and extensive experience Teachers. 

Our courses have the best teaching methodology and the latest didactic tools, which will allow you to study from home, but without losing the possibilities offered by on-site classes"


The structure of the contents has been designed by a team of professionals from the best educational hospital and universities in the country, who are aware of the relevance of up-to-date, training, and are committed to quality teaching using new educational technologies. 

We have the most complete and up-to-date academic program in the market. We strive for educational excellence and we want you to achieve it too"

Module 1. Adult Vaccination 

1.1. Adult Immunization Schedules 

1.1.1. Characteristics of a Vaccination Schedule 
1.1.2. Vaccination Schedules in the Adult Population 

1.2. Vaccination Calendars of the Different Autonomous Regions 

1.2.1. List of the Different Calendars Existing in the Different Autonomous Communities 

1.3. Vaccines From 19 to 64 Years Old 

1.3.1. Recommended Vaccines in Adult Population Between 19-64 Years Old 

1.4. Vaccination > 64 Years 

1.4.1. Recommended Vaccines in Adults Older Than 64 Years of Age 

1.5. Vaccination of Pregnant Women 

1.5.1. Vaccines Recommended for Pregnant Women 
1.5.2. Characteristics of Vaccination for Pregnant Women 

1.6. Vaccination During Breastfeeding 

1.6.1. Specific Characteristics of Vaccination during Breastfeeding 

1.7. Vaccine Adaptation in Adult Population 

1.7.1. Calendar Correction in Adult Population 

1.8. Vaccination of the Adult Cohabitant of Patients With Risk Pathology 
1.9. Prophylactic Post-Exposure Vaccination 
1.10. Vaccination in Healthcare Personnel

A unique training opportunity to advance your career"