Get a complete and adequate qualification in Criminal Veterinary Expertise and open new paths to your professional progress"


The current social need for professionals specialized in the expertise in legal proceedings requires specific training from an eminently practical perspective, and veterinary medicine is no exception. The current social need for professionals specialized in the expertise in legal proceedings requires specific training from an eminently practical perspective, and veterinary medicine is no exception. The more scientific support a legal decision has, the more justice it will impart. 

This is precisely the reason for the creation of this postgraduate diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise , in which we count with the collaboration of authors directly related to the Judicial Expertise with more than enough experience both professional and teaching experts from Schools of Legal Practice, University Expert of Access to the Legal Profession, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who have previously taught Judicial Expert Training Courses in the Veterinary branch. 

The postgraduate diploma will analyze in detail all the questions that may arise for a Veterinary Graduate who intends to enter the world of expertise in Courts. The objective of this training is to take the veterinary professionals through a complete development, enabling them through a solid training to be able to intervene with judgment and responsibility in any legal proceeding to which they may be called. 

Get a complete and adequate qualification in veterinary judicial expertise and open new paths to your professional progress"

This postgraduate diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise offers you the characteristics of a course of a high scientific, teaching and technological level. These are some of its most notable features: 

  • The latest technology in online teaching software 
  • A highly visual teaching system, supported by graphic and schematic contents that are easy to assimilate and understand 
  • Practical cases presented by practising experts 
  • State-of-the-art interactive video systems
  • Teaching supported by telepractice 
  • Continuous updating and recycling systems 
  • Autonomous learning: full compatibility with other occupations 
  • Practical exercises for self-evaluation and learning verification 
  • Support groups and educational synergies: questions to the expert, debate and knowledge forums
  • Communication with the teacher and individual reflection work 
  • Availability of content from any fixed or portable device with internet connection 
  • Supplementary documentation databases are permanently available, even after the course

With a methodological design that relies on teaching techniques proven for their effectiveness, this postgraduate diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise will take you through different teaching approaches to allow you to learn in a dynamic and effective way"

Our teaching staff is made up of professionals from different fields related to this specialty. This way, we ensure that we provide you with up-to-date knowledge, which is what we are aiming for. A multidisciplinary team of professionals trained and experienced in different environments, who will cover the theoretical knowledge in an efficient way, but, above all, will bring the practical knowledge derived from their own experience to the course: one of the differential qualities of this course. 

This mastery of the subject is complemented by the effectiveness of the methodological design of this postgraduate diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise . Developed by a multidisciplinary team of e-Learning experts, it integrates the latest advances in educational technology. This way, you will be able to study with a range of comfortable and versatile multimedia tools that will give you the operability you need in your training. 

The design of this program is based on Problem-Based Learning: an approach that conceives learning as a highly practical process. To achieve this remotely, we will use telepractice: with the help of an innovative interactive video system and Learning from an Expert you will be able to acquire the knowledge as if you were scenario the scenario you are learning at that moment. A concept that will allow you to integrate and fix learning in a more realistic and permanent way. 

With the experience of professionals from the judiciary, prosecution, law, veterinary and university fields"


A postgraduate diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise that will allow you to acquire all the necessary knowledge in this area"


Our objective is to train highly qualified professionals for work experience. An objective that is complemented, moreover, in a global manner, by promoting human development that lays the foundations for a better society. This objective is focused on helping medical professionals reach a much higher level of expertise and control. A goal that, in just six months, you will be able to achieve with a highly intensive and precise course. 


If your goal is to turn your skills towards new paths of success and development, this is the postgraduate diploma for you: a training that aspires to excellence"

General Objectives

  • Become aware of being in possession of the necessary knowledge as a veterinary professional to be able to issue an expert report
  • Know how to project the technical knowledge in the corresponding written opinion with the necessary wording and clarity so that it can be understood by all parties
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge of the legislation on the functions of veterinary experts
  • Examine and analyze specific cases that have been the subject of veterinary expert reports in court and the importance of these reports in resolving the specific case
  • Know the general principles of veterinary law and the different veterinary activities in which they are applied
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge of what an expert opinion is
  • Acquire the necessary skills and abilities to know how the veterinary expert should give an opinion
  • Become aware, in general, of the trial or hearing as one of the moments, probably the supreme one, of the judicial processes
  • Become aware of the possibility of incurring liability as a result of the practice of the veterinary profession and judicial expertise
  • Know the ethics, dignity and professional discipline of the veterinary expert
  • Provide the professional with full knowledge of the operation of the livestock farm and the food industry, from the birth of the animal to its commercialization
  • Knowing the common general principles that all criminal proceedings require in order to lay the foundations that will later guarantee the correct performance of the veterinary testimony or expertise

Specific Objectives

Module 1. General Aspects: Causes and Functions of the Expert Evidence Legislation and Jurisprudence

  • Know how to respond to questions and objections on method, premises, conclusions and other aspects of the report. Be aware of the possibility of a complete exposition of the opinion, when such exposition requires the performance of other operations, complementary to the writing provided, through the use of documents, materials and other necessary elements
  • Be aware of and develop the capacity to respond to possible requests to extend the opinion to other related points, in case it could be carried out at the same time
  • Know the expert's opinion on the possibility and usefulness of the extension, as well as the time required to carry it out
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge of specific cases that have been the subject of veterinary expert reports in court

Module 2. Veterinary Law Euthanasia Forensic Aspects of Veterinary Medicine Anamnesis, Thanatology and Forensic Toxicology Veterinary Necropsy

  • Understand the meaning of Veterinary Law and know how to apply it in the resolution of problems of a legal nature that arise in the veterinary activity related to the expert activity
  • Know the importance, significance and legal consequences of euthanasia in animals, both in clinical and forensic aspects and in animal experimentation
  • Know the different contents of the veterinary forensic activity, as an activity to help in the judicial resolution of cases in which the animal, corpse or not, is an expert element, including the ability to follow a protocol for action at the scene of the crime, know how to properly identify an animal species (observational and molecular methods), to know the correct way to take biological samples for forensic studies and the importance of a correct planning of the anatomopathological examination to differentiate the different possible pathologies
  • Know how to differentiate between the different types of death, identifying the evidence prior to death, as well as the different biotic and abiotic phenomena that occur in a corpse
  • Know how to establish the date of death, applying different chemical-physical-biological parameters, being important the knowledge of the insects that act on the corpse (cadaveric entomofauna)
  • Know how to differentiate the different injuries that appear in an animal related to forensic traumatology produced by contusions, weapons, drowning, electricity, lightning, etc.
  • Know the different intoxications that an animal can suffer through the clinical and lesional aspects, as well as the analytical aspects provided by chemistry. Know the different possibilities of chemical-toxicological analysis and the interpretation of the results obtained
  • Know the necessary material to perform a necropsy and the correct protocolized performance of the necropsy, being able to apply this protocol in the different animal species that can be subject to it

Module 3. Criminal Liability of the Expert Intervention of the Veterinary Expert in Criminal Judicial Proceedings

  • Acquire and improve knowledge in the field of expert evidence, as well as to acquire training for the task of expert assistance to the Administration of Justice, being a participant in a task of vital importance and social responsibility
  • Know the different types of offenses that can be committed by a veterinary legal expert
  • Intervene appropriately before the courts and tribunals of the criminal jurisdiction
  • Analyze the functions of judges, prosecutors and lawyers in the criminal process, in order to interrelate with them
  • Know in detail their possibilities of intervention for a correct performance in the oral hearing of the criminal trial

A path to achieve training and professional growth that will propel you towards a greater level of competitiveness in the employment market"

Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise

If you are passionate about animal protection and want to contribute to justice in cases related to animal abuse, the Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise from TECH Global University is the perfect opportunity for you.

Our program offers you online classes, which means you can study from anywhere and at any time that is convenient for you. Online classes provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to organize your study time according to your daily routine. In addition, you will be able to access online learning resources, such as interactive teaching materials, recorded lectures and discussion forums, which will enrich your learning experience.

Become an Animal Justice Expert

In the Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform as a veterinary expert in court cases involving animals. You will learn about the legislation and legal procedures in the field of animal justice, as well as the techniques of investigation and collection of veterinary forensic evidence.

Our faculty is comprised of experts in the field of veterinary criminal expertise who will guide you through the program. Through case studies and real-world case studies, you will develop analytical and assessment skills to determine the health and welfare status of animals involved in legal cases.

By completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise, you will be prepared to work collaboratively with the judicial system and law enforcement agencies. You will be able to provide your expertise and knowledge to contribute to the fair and proper resolution of cases involving animal abuse and wildlife crime.

Enroll in our Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Veterinary Expertise and play a vital role in the protection and defense of animals in the legal arena. Your dedication and knowledge can make a difference in the lives of animals!