At TECH you will experience a way of learning that is shaking the foundations of traditional universities around the world."

Life is a continuous learning process. We learn from the moment we are born. And we never cease to do so.
We do it without being able to stop. In an ever more demanding context. The world is constantly changing at an ever-increasing pace. And we have to run faster than the world in order not to be left behind.
This constant change requires continuous adaptation. We need now more than ever an intelligent approach to learning that is both flexible and effective.
This new social reality demands a new way of learning that is tailored to our growing obligations. A practical, simple, distance learning methodology.

True intelligence is the ability to adapt to changing situations”
Charles Darwin

TECH has designed, tested and perfected the best online learning system with hundreds of thousands of students. You will be able to study, train or retrain without giving up your busy personal and professional life. With TECH you can experience a way of learning that is shaking the foundations of traditional universities around the world.

E-learning offers one of the best ways to successfully achieve educational excellence"
(Dolan et al., 2015)

TECH is the only digital university in the world licensed to use the Relearning methodology. It is the best online learning system in the world today. It combines the maximum educational rigor, the highest academic demands and the latest educational technology.
An individualized educational itinerary that has the best teaching resources ordered in a reiterative and directed way. A method that ensures that the student will acquire the professional skills from each training program.

The overall score obtained by our learning system is 8.01, according to the highest international standards.

Re-learning is based on reiteration. Scientific evidence indicates that repetition is the best way to learn. Some people are able to learn a concept the first time they hear it. Some people need to hear something up to 6 times in order to internalize it. In any case, there is no doubt that learning a subject depends on the reiteration that we do on the key concepts of the subject.

Integrating Ebbinghaus' spaced repetition into e-learning represents the most important innovative educational method of our time. It's a revolution"
The Re-learning Methodology

Traditionally, students learned by repeating concepts to themselves that their teachers had taught them in class. This approach to learning is still widely used in most universities around the world. It has barely changed over the last 800 years. While society is evolving faster than ever. In times of digitalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this stagnation in the field of education is a total anomaly.

TECH provides 8 to 16 repetitions of each key concept within a lesson in a different way, to ensure successful learning."
Re-learning Methodology

At TECH we offer an educational approach that is adapted to the times we live in. A digital approach designed to spearhead the digital age.
At most universities, professors will teach you every concept you need to learn about a subject in just a single lesson. You are expected to do the rest of the work yourself...

TECH does this at ten times the intensity. There are no doubts. There is no margin for error. With us, you will learn more. And better...”

TECH begins each lesson by presenting the background texts in a scientific-professional format. In-depth coverage of the theoretical corpus of each area, in each lesson. You don't need books to learn with us. All the knowledge can be found on the platform.

Re-learning allows students to integrate knowledge optimally and successfully achieve the learning objectives” Manuel Sánchez-Cascado de Fuentes. CEO of TECH

Our teachers and educators select the most relevant concepts in each lesson for you. They create them and present them as interactive multimedia elements. The systematic use of images, moving diagrams, decision algorithms and animations ensures that students acquire knowledge correctly. This is not an opinion, it's science.

Re-learning obtained an average satisfaction rating of 8.01 during the first year that it was implemented at TECH".

TECH achieved the best results of all online universities in Latin America when it was launched worldwide in 2015"
Self-assessment is key to our learning system. There is scientific evidence that it is one of the leading teaching methods available.
Re-learning makes intensive use of this resource during each lesson.
An expert will personally summarize the key aspects of each lesson in the program you are studying at TECH. And it will do it asynchronously, so you can stop, review, replay and share each lesson as many times as you want.

Our system will allow you to organize your time and pace of learning, adapting it to your schedule”

It is important to develop in-depth knowledge of a subject. However, it is even more important to know how. To be able to apply knowledge in practice. Know-how.
Following Miller's Pyramid of Assessment, at TECH we take full advantage of technology to deliver truly immersive learning in every subject. We want you to visualize the practical implications of each lesson you study.

Practice is the foundation of the learning process. Seeing is believing. Our digital approach goes beyond practice.

We remember the things that catch our attention. It is a maxim in marketing, and is the foundation of the learning theory that Von Restorff formulated in the 1950s, which is still very much valid today.
We highlight for you, using educational techniques, the fundamental concepts of each subject of study.

We remember the things that catch our attention”
Phillip Kotler

Getting a learner to acquire critical and reflective skills in online training can be a complex task. We use storytelling, a highly effective technique for learning complex contexts and knowledge.
We combine this with interactive case studies, which bring together all the knowledge acquired in a decision-making system. TECH has been awarded international scientific prizes and awards for the design of this system

Case study-based learning, with which the learner can identify, engage and get excited, leads to more sustained and persistent learning over time"
(Yee et al., 2018)

We use psychometric models based on the learning outcomes and skills that students have to acquire and overcome throughout the course.
The technology and Re-learning will allow you to acquire skills and knowledge with better results than any other current methodology.

A methodology that enhances student engagement will undoubtedly improve learning outcomes"

More than 250,000 professionals from different productive sectors have already placed their trust in Re-learning for their training or retraining.
The experience so far has been so well-received, that it has placed our methodology among the best universities in the world, meeting the highest standards of university and professional excellence.
Our system will allow you to organize your time and pace of learning by adapting it to your schedule. You will be able to access the course content from any device, with or without an Internet connection.
You will have a personalized training itinerary guided by experts.

At TECH there are no barriers. There are no limits. Take advantage of your time.
Take advantage of life.
Work hard. Play hard”