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In recent years, many people have decided to make their passion for social networks their profession. But to carry out this work in the most appropriate way for companies, it is not only necessary to know how to handle the tools at their disposal but also to develop a series of communication, management, and planning skills. In this way, the objective is not only to advertise the company's products but also to manage the online communities by attending to the needs of customers, resolving conflicts, solving doubts, and, above all, creating a brand image that allows for better advertising and for consumers themselves to become prescribers of the company.

These elements are indispensable in today's social media management, but managing these departments requires leadership and the ability to manage valuable resources such as people. For this reason, TECH has designed this internship program that takes the professional to a 3-week immersion in a leading company in the communication and marketing sector.

An eminently practical stay that will allow you to develop professionally by obtaining the most relevant and outstanding information on the use and effective management of the main digital marketing tools focused on social networks. All this from the hand of the main experts in the field, consolidated teams in their companies that will make all their knowledge available to the graduates in internships to help them improve in a sector that demands professional managers in constant updating.


A unique training experience, key and decisive to boost your professional development"

Why our program?

In the field of communication, the practice of communication is essential, so in the field of academic pedagogy, TECH goes a step further and provides an internship program that allows updating knowledge and the professional impulse of those who take it. With this idea in mind, this institution has created a program that allows the graduate to enter a first-level company in the field of communication and marketing. This way, during 3 intensive weeks, you will be part of a work team specialized in the management of social networks, which will show you the most used digital tools for planning, administration, and monitoring of accounts. In addition, it will lead you to test the procedures used in the coordination of teams and their daily work. A unique academic opportunity that adapts to the real needs of professionals who wish to progress in a highly competitive work environment.

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TECH introduces you to a first-level professional scenario, where you can easily perform in the leadership of account management in social networks"

1. Updating from the latest technology available

The Internet revolutionized the world, and the social networks that emerged in this environment are here to stay. That is why virtual spaces, where millions of people interact, are increasing more and more. The management of these profiles requires a mastery of the most current digital tools. For this reason, and with the aim of bringing the specialist closer to this technology, TECH presents this internship program, where the professional will have the opportunity to access it through a leading company in the field of communication and Marketing.

2. Gaining In-Depth Knowledge from the Experience of the best professionals

One of the main advantages of this program is the professional environment in which the graduate will be immersed. During this internship period, they will have the opportunity to progress in their career, thanks to the mentoring of a specialist in social networks and the work of a Community Manager. This will allow them to see the latest trends in this field at the hands of the best.

3. Entering first-class environments

TECH maintains a philosophy based on providing the highest quality in all its programs, so it makes a careful selection of all available centers for internship program. In this way, the professional will have guaranteed access to a prestigious environment in the area of Social Media Management and Community Manager. In this way, they will experience the day-to-day in a demanding and exhaustive work area where the latest technology in this field is applied.

4. Putting the acquired knowledge into daily practice from the very first moment

Professionals who take this program already have solid theoretical knowledge, so in order to advance in the practical side of Social Media Management and Community Manager, TECH offers a new learning model that is 100% practical, which will lead them to take the lead in the management of profiles and business accounts. All this in just 3 months of professional practice and surrounded by great specialists in this area.

5. Expanding the Boundaries of Knowledge

In this digital scenario, TECHoffers a range of possibilities for the professional to develop in the field of Social Media Management and Community Manager In this way, the graduates will be able to expand their knowledge frontiers and catch up with the best specialists in this field. An excellent opportunity to take the professional leap you are looking for.

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You will have full practical immersion at the center of your choice"

Internship Program in Social Media Management and Community Manager

Nowadays, social networks are the pillar of marketing, since they have become a great promotional tool for companies, allowing the direct interaction of millions of people with the product or service offered. However, to perform safely in this field, it is necessary to have communication, management and planning skills related to the digitalization era. Do you want to enhance these skills and acquire the necessary knowledge to handle virtual tools? TECH Global University offers the Internship Program in Social Media Management and Community Manager as a unique opportunity for qualification in the administrative, corporate and business fields. Through the curriculum, you will learn efficiently all aspects related to community management, including creativity in communication, strategic marketing, digital media research and corporate identity, among others. In addition, you will have continuous support from a highly prestigious faculty, which will dynamically boost your learning curve.

Specialize in social media management

It is no secret that social networks serve as an advertising link between brands and potential customers, which has led to promotional campaigns on these platforms being increasingly in demand. Based on this point, it is necessary for companies to have a solid presence in networks to be in contact with the public. By enrolling in this three-week TECH program, distributed in eight-hour days from Monday to Friday, you will have the opportunity to learn how to manage social media, through more effective and productive interactions with customers. In addition, you will manage both communication and graphic design in the virtual environment, as well as strategic marketing and research in digital media.

Learn how to manage social networks and community management

Social media allows you to attract collective interest which, in marketing terms, contributes to positioning some brand in front of a target audience. With our program, you will acquire solid knowledge to create quality content in digital environments, by learning about copywriting in advertising creativity, public opinion management and mastery of scripts or storyboards. Because of this, you will be able to manage virtual communities and perform promotional actions that attract a larger audience.