With this program, you will have the opportunity to live the experience of testing your knowledge of Digital Marketing in a prestigious company with experienced professionals” 


Through Digital Marketing, companies are able to conquer spaces they could never have imagined before. Market reach is much more effective thanks to the different techniques and tools that have emerged in the digital ecosystem. Adapting to this new reality is a mandatory subject, so the professional must constantly train, keep abreast of updates, and take advantage of them according to their needs. 

Therefore, professionals who take this Internship program in MBA in Digital Marketing will find a unique opportunity to learn hand-in-hand with reference professionals in their companies, acquiring, through an intensive stay in a reference company at the national and international level, the most current concepts and strategies that should be implemented to promote the growth of companies, but, in addition, they can acquire those managerial skills that will open the doors not only to technical positions in these departments but to the management and direction of the same.

In this way, the student will be able to participate in different tasks related to the design and implementation of Digital Marketing strategies, elaborated with the objective of creating an adequate reputation and brand image, but, above all, with the intention of improving the company's sales. In summary, 3 weeks of intensive, optimal, and high-level training will make up a unique opportunity in the hands of the student, and that will achieve a plus in your resume when it comes to positioning yourself as a manager of large companies.  


Enjoy a 3-week intensive stay in a prestigious center and update yourself on the latest technological procedures to grow professionally” 

Why our program?

The Internship program allows the professional to perfect their techniques, keep up to date with updates in their area of action, and advance towards the goal they desire in the work environment. This innovative TECH program allows students to perfect their professional profile in their own field of work alongside specialists in Digital Marketing with extensive exemplary real cases that will provide them with all the knowledge theyneed. It will be 3 weeks of intensive activity where they will verify the effectiveness of techniques such as Mobile e-commerce, Inbound Marketing, and e-Data, among others. Likewise, the management of tools that facilitate the increase of economic performance in both small and large companies. In a competitive scenario, students will join a multidisciplinary work team that will allow them to expand their vision, hone their skills, and develop new competencies that will enable them to stand out in their sector.

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You will apply all your knowledge in Digital Marketing in a competitive and real scenario, where you will learn the most innovative techniques to improve the performance of the company”

1. Updating from the latest technology available

One of the most evolved disciplines in recent times is Digital Marketing. Thanks to the constant advances in terms of technology, applications, and new resources that arise to facilitate the analysis and execution of tasks for content generation, strategy planning, and everything that has driven the brand. Therefore, TECH presents this Internship program with which the professional will enter a modern business environment, giving way to new skills and abilities.

2. Gaining In-Depth Knowledge from the Experience of Top Specialists

Hand in hand with a multidisciplinary team, the student will advance in the realizationof Digital Marketing activities with real cases of the brand where they develop their work. Whether it is a company or an advertising agency, students will be ableto share their experiences with other professionals who practice powerful digital marketing strategies on a daily basis, which will broaden their perspective and current knowledge.

3. Entering first-class Organizational environments 

TECH, with the objective of finding the best centers for its students to carry out the Internship program, performs a thorough study to provide a scenario according to the needs of the professional. A place of national or international scope that offers the best learning opportunities in the subject of study, in this case, Digital Marketing.

4. Putting the acquired knowledge into daily practice from the very first moment

TECH offers a new learning model, 100% practical, which allows you to get in front of more advanced procedures in terms of Digital Marketing. You will be able to put into practice a real and avant-garde scenario for 3 weeks, together with a team of specialists who fulfill different responsibilities and will bring new concepts that will nurture your professional background.

5. Expanding the Boundaries of Knowledge

TECH opens the doors to an education without borders. Thanks to the innovative study method implemented for all its programs, this Internship program also provides a unique opportunity for professionals to expand their knowledge beyond their own borders, expanding the spaces in which to carry out the activities and allowing students to choose the one that best suits their needs.   

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You will have full practical immersion at the center of your choice”

Internship Program in MBA in Digital Marketing

The digitalization of the business sector has not only transformed the activities related to the design and presentation of products or services, but has also changed buying and selling operations. If you want to position your company in the vast virtual world, you must explore the new advances that have emerged in marketing. To meet this need, TECH Global University offers the MBA Internship Program in Digital Marketing as an excellent opportunity for qualification in the area. The contents that make up the program, cover the new digital tools to acquire customers, strengthen the brand, optimize virtual content and outline the sales-communication strategies necessary to establish channels for attracting, attracting and retaining users. From there, you will manage to structure business models in e-commerce and carry out campaigns that optimize content aimed at different market niches.

All about digital marketing in a Practical Internship Program

It is undeniable the power that online sales have, therefore, making proper use of its aspects can be that plus that maximizes your career. In this TECH program we will teach you everything you need to become a highly prestigious specialist. Over the course of three weeks, carefully distributed in eight-hour days from Monday to Friday, you will have innovative study modules, taught in an elite business center. There, you will learn the most relevant aspects of digital marketing, including trends and the global e-commerce process, SEM-SEO strategies in marketing, the new paradigm of digital communication, the management of e-commerce platforms and the administration of social networks. Thanks to this, you will manage to successfully lead partially or fully digitized marketing teams.

Study an MBA program in digital marketing

Do you want to be part of the global e-commerce process? In this TECH course course you will find the necessary elements to master the techniques inherent to digital business. In the course of this extensive program, you will be accompanied by highly prestigious specialists, who will contribute their maximum experience to the curriculum. Thanks to the preparation received, you will be able to design emailing campaigns, plan strategies on different online platforms, manage digital suppliers, coordinate entrepreneurial initiatives and analyze marketing metrics.