Enjoy an intensive 3-week internship in a prestigious center and update yourself on the latest developments in the area of Advertising Communication to grow professionally"


Nowadays, companies that do not have a good communication strategy can hardly be maintained, especially given the high competitiveness in e-commerce. That is why communication agencies are in great demand, and advertising departments themselves are part of large companies.

Therefore, without a doubt, a good communication and advertising strategy are key tools for business success. In this scenario, the professional who wishes to lead impactful advertising campaigns or plan them within his organization must be aware of the latest developments in the best agencies' techniques, support, and methods. This is why this internship program was created, which offers specialists a 3-week stay in a leading advertising company in their sector.

In this way, the professional will be able to test the work processes in an excellent environment and with first-class specialists who will guide him during this period to achieve his aspirations of progression in a field where innovation and creativity go hand in hand. A unique opportunity in the academic panorama that only TECH offers you.


With TECH, you will have a distinctive, unique, and effective practice in the advertising industry"

Why our program?

In the field of Advertising Communication, professionals must know how to deal with different scenarios where creativity and the creation of persuasive messages are key. Therefore, from the mastery of theory, it is necessary to move on to the direct action of practice, where a specialist develops. That is why TECH has created this Practical Training that offers a practical internship in a prestigious advertising company. An ideal environment to enhance the skills of professionals who aspire to top management positions in a highly competitive environment. In this way, during 3 intensive weeks, the professional will be integrated into a work team that will take them to learn first-hand both the latest technical advances and how to apply them in order to create truly effective advertising. A unique opportunity that moves away from traditional pedagogical systems to bring the professional closer to advanced, effective and useful learning.

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TECHoffers you the opportunity to step forward in your professional career as an advertising manager through an internship program unique in the academic panorama"

1. Updating from the latest technology available

Social networks, artificial intelligence, or Virtual Reality are just some of the new technologies used in the field of advertising to reach target audiences. For this reason, and in order to bring the specialist closer to these digital tools, TECHpresents this internship program, where the professional can see firsthand what are the most relevant advances in this field, where the creative capacity coupled with the technology are crucial.

2. Gaining In-Depth Knowledge from the Experience of Top Specialists

In this internship program, the professional will have the opportunity to be side by side with the best specialists in Advertising Communication, members of the prestigious company where the stay will take place. In this way, during 3 intensive weeks, they will be able to see firsthand the methods, processes, and techniques used in a sector characterized by tough competition. All this thanks to the tutoring of a specialist with extensive experience in this field

3. Entering first-class environments

TECHcarries out a rigorous selection procedure of all the centers available for the internship program. In this way, this academic institution seeks to guarantee access to first-class environments where the professional who attends this program can optimally achieve their progression objectives, in this case, in the field of Advertising Communication.

4. Putting the acquired knowledge into daily practice from the very first moment

Far from the traditional theoretical concept, this program immerses the professional from the first day in practical actions, which will be very useful for their aspirations in the field of Advertising Communication. Therefore, with a 100% practical model, the specialists will be able to develop their skills in the creation of campaigns or advertising content focused on different audiences and clients.

5. Expanding the Boundaries of Knowledge

This program offers the professional a view of expansion within the field of Advertising Communication. The opportunity to spend 3 intensive weeks in a leading advertising agency will allow you to integrate the techniques and methods used by the best. A unique environment to progress that only TECH, the world's largest digital university, can provide.

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You will have full practical immersion at the center of your choice"

Internship Program in Advertising Communication

Currently, communication represents the most effective way to transmit information, ideas or thoughts. Among its most important branches is advertising communication, which is responsible for creating powerful and persuasive messages that encourage the public to purchase a product or service. In turn, this discipline is linked to other areas such as psychology, necessary for professionals to achieve a better understanding of consumer behavior. Are you interested in exploring this field? Here at TECH you will find an Internship Program in Advertising Communication, a program that provides you with the latest tools to update your knowledge in this field. Through the curriculum, you will learn fundamental approaches ranging from corporate identity, advertising language and creativity in communication, to the management of social networks and community management. From there, you will achieve an adequate contact with the public, through different channels, networks and platforms. In addition, you will be able to develop corporate identity plans and write advertising texts that generate a great impact.

The best program in advertising communication

Three weeks of duration, distributed in classes of eight hours a day on Mondays, will be necessary to become a specialist. Here at TECH you will find the most updated and complete curriculum in the market, its content and methodology were designed by professionals belonging to the sector, who will provide you with a progressive and efficient experience. In the lessons of the syllabus, taught in a highly prestigious educational center, you will find aspects such as the structure and psychology of communication, advertising law and public opinion management. In addition, you will learn about advertising language and the legal framework that affects advertising today. Finally, you will understand the concepts involved in advertising communication, its elements and characteristics, as well as its influence on public relations and the internal processes of the marketing area. Because of this, you will manage to create communication plans in a digital environment, apply the tone and voice according to the target audience and develop communicative strategies that meet the proposed goals.