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Contemporary society has witnessed a significant transformation in the perception and recognition of gender identity, sexual diversity and the need to protect the fundamental rights of women and the LGBTIQ+ community. On a global scale, multiple initiatives are being added to extend the main civil guarantees to all of them, reducing structural discrimination and other types of abuses. 

For this reason, the need for experts trained in the legislation that regulates these aspects is growing at a dizzying rate. In this context, TECH will provide legal professionals with a unique opportunity to update their theoretical knowledge and skills. Through a disruptive syllabus, students will delve into the different regulations that promote the international protection of women. They will also learn about the organizations that are guarantors of these agreements, such as the UN and the CEDAW Convention. 

In turn, the university program will examine the conventional and updated mechanisms for the knowledge of transsexual people. It will also delve into the categories and references that allow individuals to freely express their gender identity. 

Likewise, the syllabus adapts to the diversity of students' schedules and needs by offering a 100% online modality, which facilitates access to specialized knowledge without geographical restrictions. Participants can explore at their own pace and with flexibility, which is essential in a diverse and constantly changing world. In parallel, a wide range of academic materials are available, including multimedia resources such as explanatory videos, interactive summaries and infographics. 

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This postgraduate certificate in Gender, Identity and Human Rights contains the most complete and up-to-date program on the market. The most important features include:

  • The development of practical cases presented by experts in Gender, Identity and Human Rights
  • The graphic, schematic and eminently practical contents of the book provide updated and practical information on those disciplines that are essential for professional practice
  • Practical exercises where the self-assessment process can be carried out to improve learning
  • Its special emphasis on innovative methodologies 
  • Theoretical lessons, questions to the expert, debate forums on controversial topics, and individual reflection assignments
  • Content that is accessible from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection

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The program’s teaching staff includes professionals from sector who contribute their work experience to this educational program, as well as renowned specialists from leading societies and prestigious universities. 

Its multimedia content, developed with the latest educational technology, will provide the professionals with situated and contextual learning, i.e., a simulated environment that will provide an immersive education programmed to learn in real situations. 

The design of this program focuses on Problem-Based Learning, by means of which the professionals must try to solve the different professional practice situations that are presented throughout the academic course. For this purpose, the students will be assisted by an innovative interactive video system created by renowned experts.

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The growing demand for professionals trained in the promotion and application of legislation related to Gender Identity is undeniable. This program aims to provide the students with the essential tools to understand and advocate for justice and equality in a diverse and constantly evolving world. 

The postgraduate certificate focuses on an exhaustive analysis of the entities in charge of guaranteeing this protection, as well as on the updating of the protocols of action.


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General Objectives

  • Examine the foundations of International Human Rights Law and the transformations it has introduced in Public International Law
  • Identify the different mechanisms of guarantee of Human Rights for the protection of women and the LGTBIQ+ community
  • Delve into the international and European legal framework that regulates cyberspace, with special emphasis on the protection of Human Rights
  • Investigate the relationship between business activity and Human Rights
  • Broaden your knowledge of International Humanitarian Law

Specific Objectives

  • Analyze the historical evolution of human rights in the field of gender
  • Examine the main international cases of the protection of the human rights of women and the LGTBIQ+ community

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Postgraduate Certificate in Gender, Identity and Human Rights

At TECH Global University, we are committed to offering academic programs that not only advance your knowledge, but also prepare you to be an agent of change in an ever-evolving world. The Postgraduate Certificate in Gender, Identity and Human Rights is a unique opportunity to explore and thoroughly understand the legal and social aspects of these crucial issues in the field of law. Our focus is on gender equality, non-discrimination and the protection of fundamental rights. Through high-quality online classes, we offer you the flexibility to study at your own pace, no matter where you are. You no longer have to worry about fixed schedules or commuting, as TECH Global University provides you with an accessible and convenient learning environment.

Technological University.

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This Postgraduate Certificate will provide you with a solid foundation in legal concepts related to gender and identity, as well as the tools to address the challenges people face in the pursuit of equality and respect for their fundamental rights. You will learn about gender discrimination, gender identity issues, and how international law and treaties protect and promote human rights in these areas. By enrolling in our Postgraduate Certificate, you are not only investing in your own professional growth and development, but also contributing to the advancement of a more just and egalitarian society. Your participation in this program will equip you with the knowledge and insight necessary to advocate for gender equality and the protection of human rights in your environment. Don't waste any more time and take the first step towards a future where respect, equality and justice are the norm. Join TECH Global University and become a gender and human rights advocate. Your impact will be lasting and meaningful.