At TECH we are leaders in employability”

At TECH we are leaders in employability. 99% of our students find jobs after completing their studies, while a similar number managed to improve their careers. We offer the highest quality international programs, which will help you stand out in an increasingly competitive labor market.
At TECH, you will have access to the highest academic quality, thanks to the best and most extensive range of highly specialized postgraduate programs. More than 10,000 university courses that will allow you to update your knowledge and skills, and even reinvent yourself completely in order to change your field.

99% of our students find jobs after completing their studies”

Continuing education and postgraduate studies have become essential tools for employability. At TECH, we specialize in high-quality, 100% online postgraduate courses, which allow more than 100,000 professionals to acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills every year, or even completely reinvent themselves to refocus their careers.
Our unique learning system, which combines the ‘Case Method’ with Re-Learning, will allow you to prepare yourself with the highest academic quality to excel in an increasingly demanding labor market.

Maximum academic quality. Learn using the ‘Case Method’”

In today's increasingly demanding context, the level of education and specialization are differentiating factors that increase employability, allowing professionals access to higher quality jobs with better salaries. Labor statistics show that nine out of ten professionals with graduate degrees find a job within two years of completing their studies, most of whom receive a full-time contract and a salary that is higher than the industry average.
Our commitment to employability results in an innovative learning methodology aimed at training the professionals of the future. A system that has been praised by Forbes magazine, calling us "the best online university".

The most innovative learning experience for the professionals of the future”

Our disruptive approach represents a turning point in education. Our size, combined with the latest technology applied to educational methodology, allows us to provide you with an extraordinary academic experience.
Our presence in more than 150 countries, our educational programs in ten languages, the more than 4,000 professors on our teaching staff, the more than 10,000 different university degrees in our catalog and the more than 100,000 students that we train per year, are all factors that allow us to offer the most competitive prices on the market. Being the biggest comes with that advantage.

We offer an unbeatable price for an outstanding academic experience”

The learning and assessment process is designed in accordance with the highest international standards

presence in more than 150 countries

programs in ten languages

more than 4,000 professors

more than 10,000 university programs

more than 100,000 students per year

Learn using the best resources and with the help of the best international teaching staff”