Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, according to numerous sources. It exceeds 500 million, and is spoken in most continents, as it is present not only in Europe and America, but also in Africa and Asia. For this reason, it is a very important language at a cultural and economic level, and it is essential to master it in order to progress personally and professionally, so this TECH program is perfect to develop the best language skills and achieve a B1 level of Spanish according to CEFR.

This university program will allow you to master Spanish Level B1, being able to pass the CEFR oral accreditation test thanks to it"

Spanish is, together with English and French, the most important European language. Its enormous expansion in the Americas, where it has established itself in the United States, and its presence in the Philippines and Equatorial Guinea, has made it a necessary language for accessing academic and professional opportunities worldwide. TECH offers the opportunity for the student to be fluent in oral Spanish at Level B1 thanks to this program, which follows all the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

TECH's group classes will allow you to interact with other students and native teachers, ensuring that your learning process is the most effective.


This university program will prepare you to pass the CEFR Spanish Level B1 oral test through more than 100 activities.

It is proven that learning languages increases your Intelligence. Learning a foreign language strengthens the brain's neural networks” 

José Antonio Marina.
Philosopher, writer and teacher.

A unique and stimulating experience 

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Flexible and Tailored 

Take the best Spanish conversation program at your own pace and based on your personal availability and schedule

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Acquire Skills and Abilities

With our method you will practice and consolidate the oral communication skills required at this level

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Join a large community and exchange knowledge and experiences with students from all over the world

Structure and content

This university program was created with the purpose of bringing together a group of students who share the same level and linguistic objectives, in order to provide them with a series of enriching lessons in the oral fluency of the language. Thus, the teaching team will adapt each lesson to the interests and perspective of the group itself, reviewing the most important everyday situations, as well as the common vocabulary to comfortably pass Level B1.

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Where, When and How is it Taught?

This course takes place over 4 months and consists of 40 60-minute live sessions taught by native-speaking teachers. 

Each session is structured as follows:

  • Practice of oral interaction skills
  • Practice of oral expression skills
  • Simulation of real situations
  • Tips and tricks to prepare for the test
  • Summary and closing
  • Download printable sheets

You will boost your communication skills surrounded by a group of peers with whom you can share objectives, concerns and affinities” 

B1 Level Learning Objectives

In each program, native teachers prepare a series of items that the student must overcome in order to satisfactorily achieve the course goals. Thanks to personalized tutoring, all the proposed objectives can be achieved in the shortest time possible, thanks to effective and efficient teaching.

  • Advance to an intermediate level of language proficiency
  • Familiarize with new words and more advanced common grammar 
  • Develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills to cope in a multitude of situations 
  • Speak with some fluency about sports, nature, music and life goals or personal aspirations

The working groups will be small in size, which in addition to providing you with better listening comprehension, will give you multiple opportunities to intervene and enhance your conversational level" 

matilde sciara

"It is often said of Italians that we can understand and speak Spanish easily, but it is more complicated than it seems. That's why I needed a reinforcement, and with TECH I was able to improve my Spanish level. Now I will be able to access an Erasmus in Spain. That's all I wanted"

Matilde Sciara 
A student from Italy 
francois lapierre

"When I finished this program I could quickly see that my Spanish had improved tremendously. I visited Spain and was able to understand and make myself understood in different situations. Shopping in Madrid is no longer a problem"

François Lapierre 
A student from France