A level C1 in Spanish guarantees that a person fluently speaks the language, being able to cope in diverse scenarios and expressing their ideas clearly. This level is essential for accessing executive positions in any company or to defend an academic project before a university committee. For this reason, TECH offers students the possibility of taking and completing this test in the language, with the endorsement of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Therefore, upon passing the exam, students will obtain a certificate with international value, which will open the doors to live, travel, study or work in any Spanish-speaking country.   

Grow professionally, travel to new countries or study in the best Spanish-speaking universities thanks to this C1 Spanish certification from TECH” 

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Learning Spanish requires practice, hard work and dedication, but once you reach level C1, your efforts are rewarded by gaining access to the best opportunities in academic and professional fields. This university exam helps people to achieve this goal, presenting a program endorsed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, a system of international prestige and recognition, which will help students to demonstrate their skills in understanding, reading and writing this language.  

Achieving level C1 will not only improve your academic and professional opportunities, but will also serve to train your brain, your attention span and your memory"

It is proven that learning languages increases your intelligence. Learning a foreign language strengthens the brain's neural networks”  

José Antonio Marina. 
Philosopher, writer, and teacher.

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Listening comprehension objectives

The candidate is able to:

  • Understand enough to follow a long speech on abstract and complex topics beyond their expertise, although they may have to confirm some details, especially if they are not accustomed to the accent 
  • Recognize a wide range of idiomatic and colloquial expressions, and notice changes in register 
  • Follow an extended speech even when it is not clearly structured, and when links are only assumed and not explicitly pointed out 
  • Easily follow complex conversations between third parties in group discussions, even on abstract, complex, and unfamiliar topics 
  • Understand with relative ease most lectures, discussions and debates 
  • Extract specific information from public statements that have poor quality and distorted sound; e.g., at a station, in a stadium, etc. 
  • Understand complex technical information, such as operating instructions, product specifications, and everyday services 
  • Understand a wide range of recorded and broadcast material, including some unusual usage, and identify details and subtleties such as implied attitudes and relationships between speakers 

Reading comprehension objectives

The candidate is able to::

  • Understand, in detail, long and complex texts, whether or not they relate to their specialty, provided they can reread difficult sections 
  • Understand any communication with sporadic use of the dictionary 
  • Understand, in detail, a wide range of lengthy and complex texts that you are likely to encounter in social, professional or academic life, and identify subtle details including both implicit and explicit attitudes and opinions 
  • Understand, in detail, lengthy and complex instructions on new machines or procedures, whether the instructions relate to your field of specialty or not, provided you can reread the difficult sections 
  • Understand films that use a considerable amount of slang or colloquial language and idiomatic expressions 

Speaking objectives

The candidate is able to:

  • Deliver clear and detailed descriptions and presentations on complex topics, integrating other topics, developing concrete ideas and ending with an appropriate conclusion 
  • Perform clear and detailed descriptions of complex topics 
  • Make statements fluently, almost effortlessly, accurately using some intonation to convey subtle shades of meaning 
  • Deliver clear and well-structured presentations on a complex topic, expanding at some length and defending your points of view with complementary ideas, reasons and appropriate examples. Make good use of interjections, responding spontaneously and with little effort 

Writing objectives

The candidate is able to:

  • Write clear and well-structured texts on complex topics highlighting the main ideas, expanding at some length and defending their points of view with appropriate complementary ideas, reasons and examples, ending with an appropriate conclusion 
  • Write descriptions and imaginary texts in a clear, detailed and well-structured way, with a convincing, personal and natural style that is appropriate for the intended readers 
  • Write clear and well-structured presentations on complex topics, highlighting the main ideas. Expand at some length and defend points of view with complementary ideas, reasons and suitable examples 

examen oficial distancia C1 Spanish

CEFR C1 Spanish Exam

A 6.3% of the world's population speaks Spanish as a native language, which is not only quite a high number of people, but also accentuates the importance of this language by making it the second most natively spoken language and the fourth by total number of Spanish speakers, with more and more people wanting to learn it. Therefore, if you have remarkable skills in this language, give an added value to your resume and get officially certified by passing the CEFR C1 Spanish Exam offered by TECH Global University. Through multiple choice questions, text analysis, grammar exercises, graphics, audios, videos and more, we will validate your skills accurately according to the standards of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and in a 100% online format that will give you flexibility and convenience both in terms of time and space. These advantages make our qualification the best in the market so that you can obtain a diploma of remarkable prestige as a Spanish speaker.

Certify your advanced Spanish with TECH


On the CEFR scale, level C1 corresponds to an advanced command of a language, just one step below the category that designates native speakers. People with this level, are able to recognize a wide range of idiomatic and colloquial expressions, and appreciate changes of register; understand complex technical information such as operating instructions, product specifications and everyday services; make fluent, almost effortless statements, using some intonation to convey subtle shades of meaning accurately, among other skills. Can you do this and much more in the Spanish language? Take the challenge to qualify with the world's best online university. The exam has an average duration of four hours and is divided into four parts focused on the main language skills: oral expression and interaction, listening comprehension, writing and reading comprehension, each with its own tests and solution time. Do you want to improve your future using Spanish? Enroll at TECH and make it happen.