There is a multitude of international institutions that have Spanish as one of their official languages. The UN, the OSCE, the OAS and the EU are some of the organizations where a very high command of this language is highly valued, since Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers. Acquiring a C2 level provides a great opportunity to take any career to an international level, since this certification will be a great advantage when applying for positions of responsibility and to get ahead of possible competitors. This Language Course prepares its students in a fast, precise and thorough way to be able to pass the C2 Level Spanish Exam.Colores Tech Universidad

Your C2 Spanish certificate will be fundamental to your CV, as you will stand out by being fluent in the second most used native language in the world”

Spain, Mexico, Chile or any Hispanic country offers a diversity of opportunities for any foreigner. Their economies, cultures and even gastronomies are of great importance worldwide. Therefore, to travel, live or work in any of these places, you must first master the Spanish language to perfection. For this reason, we have designed this Language Course, which will help students to certify their linguistic level by completing a set of practical exercises designed by native teachers. Consequently, you will not only pass the CEFR exam with excellence, but you will also be able to perfectly understand any conversation in different contexts, as well as express your ideas with absolute clarity. 


You will speak Spanish even better than some native speakers thanks to the way in which the teachers have thoroughly and exhaustively developed the program.
You will find individual activities, downloadable PDFs, video summaries and a wealth of useful support material throughout the learning process.

It is proven that learning languages increases your intelligence. Learning a foreign language strengthens the brain's neural networks”

José Antonio Marina.
Philosopher, writer, and teacher.

A unique and stimulating experience

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Take the best language course from home, at your own pace and according to your availability and schedule.

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Acquire Skills and Abilities

With our method, you will practice and consolidate the skills required for this level.

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Join a large community and exchange knowledge and experiences with students from all over the world.

Structure and content

The syllabus has been specially designed to perfect students’ Spanish language skills and improve their abilities to the maximum, thereby enabling them to pass the CEFR C2 Level exam. More than 900 pages of text in total, supplemented by more than 500 specific grammar practice exercises, make this program one of the most complete academic programs on the market.curso preparacion online espanol


Where, When and How is it Taught?

This course takes place over 4 months and is divided into 16 content modules. You can do it completely online, even attending our sessions and tutorials. 

The only intensive program 100% specifically designed to obtain the Spanish C2 Level”

Module 1. Life and Death

1.1. ICU
1.2. What are Vaccines for?
1.3. Visiting the Cemetery
1.4. The Years Go By 

Module Objectives

  • Convey content for others with a high degree of accuracy, through notes, paraphrases and summaries
  • Make clear and detailed descriptions of how to carry out a procedure 
  • Express physical and mood states, ailments, sensations, symptoms and changes
  • Encourage, advise and react to the ailments of others
  • Ask for and give detailed information

Module 2. Feelings and Attitudes

2.1. Healthy and Not-So-Healthy Envy
2.2. Spoiled Children
2.3. False Hope

Module Objectives

  • Understand messages or statements without great difficulty, to the point of being able to identify subtle nuances that include implicit and explicit attitudes and opinions
  • Recognize "slang" used by the group with which they socialize 
  • Exchange information on dates and data 
  • Invite, congratulate, express and share sensations and feelings
  • Describe and narrate

Module 3. What Are People Like?

3.1. His Majesty the King’s Visit
3.2. Civil Registry
3.3. Your Ideal Soul Mate

Module Objectives

  • Actively participate in formal discussions 
  • Understand and exchange complex information and advice
  • Conduct effective and fluent interviews 
  • Summarize relevant information 
  • Follow and propose steps or procedures 
  • Express hypotheses

Module 4. Family Affairs

4.1. Family Values
4.2. A Party in Style
4.3. Formalizing Relationships

Module Objectives

  • Recognize the differences in perceptions, values, attitudes and behaviors between the culture of origin and those of the target language

Module 5. Culinary Culture

5.1. The Feast
5.2. In a Cooking Class
5.3. Visiting a Winery 

Module Objectives

  • Evaluate alternative proposals
  • Propose, organize, decline, make appointments, express desires, probability, obligation 
  • Relate in time/space 
  • Compare, comment, argue, narrate 
  • Locate information 
  • Describe, express tastes and preferences, choose, explain, justify, value, evaluate

Module 6. Academia

6.1. University Admission Tests
6.2. Preparing My Presentation
6.3. Exam Cheat Sheets

Module Objectives

  • Congratulate and express good wishes and react to them
  • Summarize relevant information
  • Follow and propose steps or procedures
  • Respond with information 
  • Confirm or refute 
  • Recommend, prevent 
  • Express hypotheses

Module 7. Profession and Work

7.1. A Talk on Labor Risks
7.2. Work Conditions
7.3. I Am Quiting My Job Today

Module Objectives

  • Actively participate in formal discussions
  • Understand and exchange complex information and advice on all matters relating to their profession
  • Conduct effective and fluent interviews 
  • Summarize relevant information 
  • Follow and propose steps or procedures 
  • Express hypotheses

Module 8. Free Time

8.1. The End-of-Year Dinner
8.2. An Evening at the Circus
8.3. I Don’t Like Football
8.4. A Card Game

Module Objectives

  • Manage in intercultural situations
  • Incorporate and activate the knowledge (cultural, sociocultural and linguistic), skills and attitudes that will help them to cope with intercultural situations

Module 9. Communication

9.1. Sending a Parcel to My Family
9.2. The Lines Are Busy
9.3. Advertising Spots
9.4. The Internet and Its Dangers

Module Objectives

  • Follow an extended speech even when it is not clearly structured when links are only assumed and not explicitly pointed out
  • Easily follow longer and more complex conversations between third parties, in group discussions, lectures and presentations on abstract, complex, and unfamiliar topics

Module 10. My House and My City

10.1. Vacationing in a Traditional Home
10.2. I Have Ordered Some Wardrobes
10.3. What Can Be Found in the Storage Room

Module Objectives

  • Formulate hypotheses and answer them
  • Describe, compare, predict, prevent 
  • Express feelings 
  • Formulate hypotheses 
  • Connect conditions, causes and consequences
  • Advise, convince, present and argue

Module 11. Shopping

11.1. In the Souk
11.2. Suit and Tie Required
11.3. At the Supermarket

Module Objectives

  • Search for information 
  • Show agreement/disagreement
  • Accept, refuse. Compare prices, quality and payment conditions 
  • Attract attention, wordplay, convince, complain

Module 12. Traveling the World

12.1. The Expedition
12.2. Historical Cities
12.3. A Day on the Farm

Module Objectives

  • Familiarity with and proper use of frequently used colloquial language 
  • Describe, express suggestions, likes and dislikes, give instructions, compare and evaluate 
  • Order something, talk about the ingredients 
  • Reject and justify 
  • Explain and request schedules 
  • Choose, locate and plan

Module 13. The Economy

13.1. Tax Havens
13.2. Street Markets
13.3. Pension and Savings Plans

Module Objectives

  • Define the types of industry
  • Talk and negotiate
  • Discuss administrative tasks
  • Explain a problem to an administrative employee
  • Manage assets and finances

Module 14. Talking Science

14.1. Blood Work
14.2. Formulas and Equations
14.3. The European Robotics Show

Module Objectives

  • Formulate hypotheses and respond to them
  • Describe, compare, predict, prevent 
  • Express feelings 
  • Formulate hypotheses 
  • Connect conditions, causes and consequences
  • Advise, convince, present and argue

Module 15. Politics and Society

15.1. Joining a Political Party
15.2. Warning! Pick Pockets!
15.3. In the Trenches

Module Objectives

  • Synthesize and communicate information and arguments from a variety of sources 
  • Give instructions, indicate directions 
  • Advise, suggest, forbid, warn 
  • Describe 
  • Exhibit 
  • Narrate

Module 16. Art

16.1. Gallery Owners and Patrons
16.2. Regional Dances
16.3. The Book or the Movie?

Module Objectives

  • Recognize a wide range of idiomatic and colloquial expressions and notice changes in register, which enables them to follow third-party conversations and understand films and plays, identifying details, subtleties, attitudes and implicit relationships between speakers
analise durandt

"My company offered me a transfer to one of our Spanish subsidiaries. I had a basic command of the language, but I knew I needed to improve my level if I wanted to continue reaching my professional goals, so I decided to study this Language Course. It was a total success and the teaching staff were so helpful in resolving my problems, which was vital for me to stay motivated. I recommend it to all those who are looking for a program that will really help them to go up a level in their profession”

Analise Durandt 
Marketing Manager at a French Company
adrien bellerose

"The Spanish culture always attracted me, to the point that it was clear to me that I wanted to study in Spain. I had a good level of Spanish, but I noticed that I got lost in more technical conversations or in informal settings, which prompted me to improve my level. This TECH Language Course helped me a lot to understand the specifics of the Spanish language and now I can proudly say that I have a C2 Level in Spanish as endorsed by the CEFR”

Adrien Bellerose 
A French Student