This C1 Spanish Language Course is an intensive program prepares the student to obtain the level certificate according to the criteria established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). To this end, you will be provided with all the communication tools you need to pass the exam with flying colors. You will be able to speak the language fluently with any native speaker, write complete texts or even do a professional presentation in Spanish.


The moment has arrived for you to take a definitive step towards achieving fluent and natural Spanish. Don't wait any longer and enroll now" 

Latin America and Spain have always had a special attraction for the whole world. Both in terms of tourism as well as on a financial level, or even academic, Spanish-speaking countries attract people from all fields. As a result, the demand for learning the Spanish language is on the rise, making programs like this one essential for anyone who wishes to improve and certify their language level. For this reason, this Language Course offers its students the possibility of acquiring the necessary linguistic skills to be able to speak this exciting language fluently, having the option of interacting with total confidence with other Spanish speakers.  

A unique Language Course with which you will be able to obtain the CEFR Spanish Level C1.
After finishing this course, you will speak Spanish totally fluently, mastering one of the most used languages in the world.

It is proven that learning languages increases your Intelligence. Learning a foreign language strengthens the brain's neural networks” 

José Antonio Marina.
Philosopher, writer, and teacher.

A unique and stimulating experience 

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Flexible and Tailored 

Take the best language course from home, at your own pace and according to your availability and schedule. 

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Acquire Skills and Abilities

With our method, you will practice and consolidate the skills required for this level. 

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Join a large community and exchange knowledge and experiences with students from all over the world. 

Structure and content

This syllabus has been designed by to improve the level of Spanish of our students, preparing them to successfully face the C1 Level exam in this language. For this reason, the native-speaking teachers have developed more than 500 different practice exercises, compiled throughout the 16 modules that range from everyday topics such as emotions or cooking, to more technical issues such as professional life or economics. 

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Where, When and How is it Taught?

This course takes place over 4 months and is divided into 16 content modules. You can do it completely online, even attending our sessions and tutorials.

The only intensive program 100% specific for obtaining the CEFR Spanish Level C1"

Module 1. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body    

1.1. You Don’t Look So Good
1.2. A Sprained Ankle
1.3. I’m Going to Donate Blood
1.4. At the Hairdresser's

Module Objectives

  • Transmit the content to other people with great precision through notes, paraphrasing and summaries
  • Make clear and detailed descriptions of how to carry out a procedure
  • Express physical and mood states, ailments, sensations, symptoms and changes
  • Encourage, advise, react to the ailments of others
  • Ask for and give detailed information

Module 2. Emotions and Moods

2.1. Platonic Love
2.2. I'm in an Awful Mood
2.3. You’re a Jinx

Module Objectives

  • Understand messages or statements without great difficulty, to the point of being able to identify subtle nuances that include both implicit and explicit attitudes and opinions
  • Recognize colloquial language and "slang" used by the group with which they socialize
  • Exchange information on dates and data
  • Invite, congratulate, express and share sensations and feelings
  • Describe and narrate

Module 3. Names and Paperwork

3.1. Nicknames
3.2. Marriage of Convenience
3.3. Residency Permit

Module Objectives

  • Actively participate in formal discussions
  • Understand and exchange complex information and advice
  • Conduct effective and fluent interviews
  • Summarize relevant information
  • Follow and propose steps or procedures
  • Express hypotheses

Module 4. My Family and Friends

4.1. Generational Change
4.2. There’s a Neighborhood Meeting Tonight
4.3. On Sunday We’re Going to a Communion
4.4. At the Awards Ceremony

Module Objectives

  • Recognize the differences in perceptions, values, attitudes and behaviors between the culture of origin and that of the language being studied

Module 5. Cooking and Restaurants

5.1. Let’s Make a Toast
5.2. My Dinner Didn’t Agree With Me
5.3. At the Candy Store
5.4. The Beach and the Beach Bar

Module Objectives

  •  Evaluate alternative proposals
  • Propose, organize, decline, make appointments, express desires, probability, obligation
  • Relate in time/space
  • Compare, comment, argue, narrate
  • Locate information
  • Describe, express tastes and preferences, choose, explain, justify, value, evaluate Compromise

Module 6. Studies    

6.1. The Study Process
6.2. Choosing Optional Subjects
6.3. I Have to Retake That Exam
6.4. You Should Resume Your Studies

Module Objectives

  • Congratulate and express good wishes and react to them
  • Summarize relevant information
  • Follow and propose steps or procedures
  • Respond with information
  • Confirm or refute
  • Recommend, prevent 
  • Express hypotheses

Module 7. Working Life

7.1. Setting Up a Business
7.2. Public Service Examinations
7.3. A Rewarding Job
7.4. Negotiating Salary

Module Objectives

  • Actively participate in formal discussions
  • Understand and exchange complex information and advice on all matters related to their profession
  • Conduct effective and fluent interviews
  • Summarize relevant information
  • Follow and propose steps or procedures
  • Express hypotheses

Module 8. Leisure 

8.1. A Night Out
8.2. We’re in the Quarter Finals
8.3. A Different Kind of Exhibition

Module Objectives

  • Communicate well in inter-cultural situations
  • Incorporate and activate the knowledge (cultural, sociocultural and linguistic), skills and attitudes that will help them to cope with intercultural situations. and attitudes that will help them to cope with intercultural situations

Module 9. Media    

9.1. News and Rumors
9.2. A Press Release
9.3. On a TV Set

Module Objectives

  • Follow an extended speech even when it is not clearly structured when links are only assumed and not explicitly pointed out
  • Easily follow complex conversations between third parties in group discussions, even on abstract, complex, and unfamiliar topics

Module 10. My House and My 

10.1. We Have a Leak
10.2. I Need a Loan
10.3. Decorating My Home
10.4. Crime in the City

Module Objectives

  • Formulate hypotheses and answer them
  • Describe, compare, predict, prevent 
  • Express feelings
  • Formulate hypotheses 
  • Connect conditions, causes and consequences. Advise, convince
  • Present and argue

Module 11. Shopping

11.1. At Auction
11.2. Today is the Grand Opening
11.3. This is Expired
11.4. Payment by Installments

Module Objectives

  • Search for information
  • Show agreement/disagreement
  • Accept, refuse. Compare prices, quality and payment conditions 
  • Attract attention, wordplay, convince 
  • Complain

Module 12. Travel and Transport            

12.1. Visit to the Transport Museum
12.2. Trip to the Mountains
12.3. A Driving Exam
12.4. Country or City?

Module Objectives

  • Familiarity with and proper use of frequently used colloquial language
  • Describe, express suggestions, likes and dislikes, give instructions, compare and evaluate 
  • Order something, talk about the ingredients 
  • Reject and justify
  • Explain and request schedules
  • Choose, locate and plan

Module 13. Economics and Finance    

13.1. Incorporating a Company
13.2. Investing in the Stock Market
13.3. Looking for a Sponsor 
13.4. Industrial Sector

Module Objectives

  • Define the types of industries
  • Talk and Negotiate 
  • Talk about administrative tasks
  • Explain a problem to an administrative employee
  • Manage assets and finances

Module 14. Science and Technology    

14.1. In Biology Class
14.2. Math Exam
14.3. I’ve Bought a Computer
14.4. Lab Experiments

Module Objectives

  • Formulate hypotheses and respond to them
  • Describe, compare, predict, prevent 
  • Express feelings 
  • Formulate hypotheses 
  • Connect conditions, causes and consequences. Advise, convince 
  • Present and argue

Module 15. Politics and Society    

15.1. Social Classes
15.2. A Case of Corruption
15.3. Political Ideologies
15.4. Wars

Module Objectives

  • Synthesize and communicate information and arguments from a variety of sources
  • Give instructions, indicate directions
  • Advise, suggest, forbid, forbid, warn
  • Describe
  • Exhibit 
  • Narrate

Module 16. Art

16.1. A Cultural Visit
16.2. A Literary Contest
16.3. Box-Office Success
16.4. Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

Module Objectives

  • Recognize a wide range of idiomatic and colloquial expressions, and notice changes in register, allowing for participation in third party conversations with other people and understand films and works of art, identifying details, subtleties, attitudes and implicit relationships between the speakers
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"By completing this program I realized that I could aspire to study in Spain, a goal I have pursued since I was a child, but could not complete because I could not master the language. Now, one year later, I am ready to do my C1 Spanish Certification thanks to this Language Course at TECH"

Camila Lewis 
A student from the Germany
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“It seems surprising to me that I’ve reached the C1 level in Spanish. I started this challenge only one year ago with the aim of continuing to expand my business into the Spanish market. Now, not only have I achieved that goal, I also have plans to move to Mexico and continue my academic business studies. If you’re looking for a comprehensive course, this is definitely your best option"

William Thompson 
Scottish Businessman