This Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology-Related Professional Pharmaceutical Services is the most complete and up-to-date scientific program on the market”

Learn about the latest advances in Dermatology-Related Professional Pharmaceutical Services

This Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology-Related Professional Pharmaceutical Services is the most complete and up-to-date scientific program on the market. The most important features of the program include:

  • Approach to master formulation in community pharmacy, in which we will develop all the applicable legislation in this field and in dermatology as a professional service.
  • Analysis of the active ingredients and excipients most commonly used in dermatology, their approved uses, their contraindications, and their handling in formulations.
  • News on the different cosmetic ingredients.
  • INCI analysis and its importance.
  • Study of the different pharmaceutical forms, their vehicles, and the design of different pharmaceutical forms and the choice of the most appropriate for each type of skin, essential providing professional service.
  • Development of the different professional pharmaceutical care services, the tools with which they are to be carried out.
  • Approach to the marketing of services, and sources of information.
  • Study of the different communication channels.
  • All this will be complemented by theoretical lessons, questions to the expert, debate forums on controversial topics, and individual reflection assignments.
  • Content that is accessible from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection.

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Forming part of the teaching staff is a group of professionals in the world of Pharmacology who bring to this training their work experience, as well as a group of renowned specialists, recognized by esteemed scientific communities.

The multimedia content developed with the latest educational technology will provide the professional with situated and contextual learning, i.e., a simulated environment that will provide an immersive training program to train in real situations.

This program is designed around Problem Based Learning, whereby the Care Services must try to solve the different professional practice situations that arise during the course. For this reason, you will be assisted by an innovative, interactive video system created by renowned and experienced experts in the field of Pharmacology with extensive teaching experience.

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A compendium of knowledge created to give pharmacists the opportunity to catch up or incorporate the most advanced knowledge in skin care on the current scene. With the confidence and solvency of the largest in-Spanish online university in the world.

This Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology-Related Professional Pharmaceutical Services is the most complete and up-to-date scientific program on the market”

Module 1. Magistral and Cosmetic Formulation in Dermatology

1.1. Introduction
1.2. Legislation, Registration and Documentation.

1.2.1. Records
1.2.2. Documentation

1.3. Most Commonly Used Active Ingredients in Dermatology. 
1.4. Most Commonly Used Excipients in Dermatology. 
1.5. INCI Cosmetic Ingredients.

1.5.1. INCI.

1.6. Pharmaceutical Forms and New Vehicles in Magistral Formulation.
1.7. Formulation Design.
1.8. Selection of the different Pharmaceutical Forms and Excipients for Each Type of Skin.

Module 2. Legal Aspects

2.1. European and Spanish Legislation.

2.1.1. Europe
2.1.2. Spain.

2.2. Safety and Efficacy Evaluations.

2.2.1. Safety.
2.2.2. Efficacy

2.3. Pharmacovigilance and Cosmetovigilance.

Module 3. Professional Pharmaceutical Services Related to Dermatology Care

3.1. Professional Pharmaceutical Services.

3.1.1. Dispensing
3.1.2. Indication
3.1.3. Pharmacotherapeutic Follow-up.

3.2. Tools

3.2.1. Dermoanalyzers.
3.2.2. Other Appliances.

3.3. Services Marketing.
3.4. Information Sources.

3.4.1. Social Media.
3.4.2. Webs.
3.4.3. Apps.

3.5. Pharmacist-Patient Communication

3.5.1. Psychological Support for Patients with Dermatologic Diseases.

3.6. Pharmacist- Physician Communication
3.7. Research from the Community Pharmacy.

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