A program created for professionals who aspire to excellence that will allow you to acquire new skills and strategies in a smooth and effective way"


Political communication is an essential factor when it comes to a party rising to power. For this reason, all formations and government alternatives surround themselves with the best communication team, on which they rely to win the favor of the citizens and, therefore, their votes. Nevertheless, the work of political communicators is not as simple as it may seem, it is essential to possess extensive knowledge of political history, communication tools, ideologies, public figures, etc. Exhaustive knowledge in different political branches that will be useful to achieve an effective communication, which manages to sway public opinion and gain their vote.

Ideologies, relations with power and institutions, information flows and their intentionality, fake news, as well as many other factors, become the key to essential knowledge for journalists in this sector, so it is of vital importance to have a high level of knowledge in the field. As a result, professional political communication becomes one of the sectors that requires greater specialization and expertise in order to differentiate and offer the quality information that citizens should receive. 

This advanced master’s degree is a highly academic course created specifically for political communication professionals who, in a single specialization program, will find the most complete knowledge in these areas of work. Through a highly educational program, the student will be able to take a solid step forward in this field, achieving the personal and professional skills required to practise as an expert in the field. A complete and effective advanced master’s degree that will propel you to the highest level of competence.

For this, TECH will not only take the student through the theoretical knowledge, but will also show them another way of studying and learning, one which is more organic, simpler and more efficient. TECH will work to keep them motivated and to develop a passion for learning within them. And will push them to think and develop critical thinking skills. 

In addition, as it is a 100% online program,  students themselves decide where and when to study. Without the restrictions of fixed timetables or having to move between classrooms, this course can be balanced with work and family life. 

We offer you the opportunity to learn the action and communication strategies that contribute to persuade citizens and voters of the best government alternative, and all this in this Grand Master that will launch your career to the highest levels of competence"

This advanced master’s degree MBA in Professional Political Communication Management contains the most complete and up-to-date program on the market. The most important features of the program include:

  • The latest technology in e-learning software  
  • Intensely visual teaching system, supported by graphic and schematic contents that are easy to assimilate and understand
  • Practical case studies presented by practising experts  
  • State-of-the-art interactive video systems  
  • Teaching supported by telepractice  
  • Continuous updating and recycling systems  
  • Self-regulated learning: full compatibility with other occupations  
  • Practical exercises for self-assessment and learning verification  
  • Support groups and educational synergies: questions to the expert, debate and knowledge forums  
  • Communication with the teacher and individual reflection work
  • Content that is accessible from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection  
  • Complementary resource banks that are permanently available  

A high-level scientific program, supported by advanced technological development and the teaching experience of the best professionals"

The teaching staff is composed of a team of working professionals. In this way, TECH ensures that it delivers the goal of constant updating that it intends. A multidisciplinary team of doctors training and experience in different environments, who will develop the theoretical knowledge in an efficient way, but above all, they will bring their practical knowledge from their own experience to the course.  

This command of the subject is complemented by the effectiveness of the methodological design used in this advanced master’s degree program. Developed by a multidisciplinary team of e-learning experts, the program integrates the latest advances in educational technology. As such, the student will be able to study with a range of easy-to-use and versatile multimedia tools that will equip them with the skills they need te specialize in this field.

The design of this program is based on Problem-Based Learning, an approach that views learning as a highly practical process. To achieve this remotely, TECH uses telepractice. With the help of an innovative interactive video system and learning from an expert, the student will be able to acquire the knowledge as if they were facing the scenario they are studying at that moment. A concept that will allow you to integrate and fix learning in a more realistic and permanent way.

A comprehensive program that will allow you to achieve intensive specialization in each and every aspect of professional political communication"


We have the best teaching methodology and a multitude of simulated cases that will help you train in real situations"


TECH's objective is to train highly qualified professionals for the workplace. An objective that is complemented, moreover, in a global manner, by promoting human development that lays the foundations for a better society. This objective is focused on helping professionals reach a much higher level of expertise and control. A goal that the student will be able to take for granted, with a highly intense and precise specialization program. 


Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, through a very exclusive specialization program that will become an unparalleled professional growth experience"

General Objectives

  • Achieve the knowledge required to write and transmit political information through different media and platforms, both physical and digital
  • Acquire the knowledge required to communicate adequately in all areas, channels and networks, using the appropriate languages for each communication style

Specific Objectives

  • Define the latest trends and developments in business management
  • Build a plan for the development and improvement of personal and managerial skills 
  • Develop strategies to carry out decision-making in a complex and unstable environment 
  • Develop the ability to detect, analyze and solve and problem solving 
  • Develop the skills required to manage business activities strategically 
  • Explain the company from a global point of view, as well as the responsibility developed by each area of the company
  • Design innovative strategies and policies to improve management and business efficiency
  • Innovative solutions to improve business management and efficiency 
  • Formulate and implement growth strategies that adapt the company to changes in the national and international environment
  • Know the fundamentals of management, strategy, marketing and communication
  • Understand the functioning of political institutions and organizations
  • Know the objectives and tools of marketing and political communication
  • Know how to apply marketing and communication tools according to the political product: program, party and candidate
  • Know the stages and development of a political and electoral campaign

Get on the path to job excellence thanks to this superior training and boost your competitiveness to the top positions with an unbeatable professional profile"

Grand Advanced Master's Degree in Professional Political Management and Communication


Advertising strategies and political branding are especially important for political success. Because, through an effective communication channel, in which the values, ideals and proposals of a party are clearly and forcefully transmitted, the reach of its ideals can be greater, it is important to have professionals capable of leading these processes. For this reason, in TECH Technological University we developed the Advanced Master's Degree in MBA in Management and Professional Political Communication, a specialization program through which you will master the different communication projects in order to reach public opinion and ensure the achievement of power of the parties you represent with solid and truthful information.....

Specialize in the largest Faculty of Journalism and Communication


Do you want to achieve your goals through a specialization program of the highest academic rigor? With our Advanced Master's Degree you will achieve acquire the necessary knowledge to design innovative political strategies and improve their means of information dissemination, following the latest trends and developments in the sector. In this way, you will learn the principles of marketing, communication and political management, you will understand the functioning of political institutions and organizations, and you will apply your skills in favor of the development of a political product (program, party and candidate). At the largest School of Journalism and Communication, you will live an unparalleled learning experience that will boost your professional growth.