With this Postgraduate Certificate you will deepen in the key aspects of Customer Experience to develop Android applications so that they have greater entry into the market" 

diplomado frameworks utilizados desarrollo aplicaciones

Because they are often built, tested and optimized by several experienced software engineers and programmers, software frameworks are versatile, robust and efficient. Today many companies need solutions for different mobile platforms. Native development can be complicated, as each platform requires a different language, environment and tools.  

Frameworks can be a problem for tight budgets or small teams, where knowledge may be more limited. For these cases it is advisable to evaluate the different types of existing frameworks , something that you will learn in this program, to reduce considerably the costs of time and money for the customer or supplier.

A 100% online Postgraduate Certificate that provides the student with the ease of being able to study it comfortably, wherever and whenever they want. All you need is a device with internet access to take your career one step further. A modality according to the current times with all the guarantees to position the engineer in a highly demanded sector.  

Stand out in a booming sector with enormous potential and become a part of the global change based on excellence"   

This Postgraduate Certificate in Frameworks Used in Application Development contains the most complete and up-to-date educational program on the market. The most important features include:

  • Practical cases presented by experts in Android Application Development 
  • The graphic, schematic, and practical contents with which they are created, provide practical information on the disciplines that are essential for professional practice 
  • Practical exercises where self-assessment can be used to improve learning 
  • Its special emphasis on innovative methodologies  
  • Theoretical lessons, questions for experts and individual reflection work 
  • Content that is accessible from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection  

You will gain autonomy when developing an application for Android devices, from design to production" 

The program’s teaching staff includes professionals from the sector who contribute their work experience to this program, as well as renowned specialists from leading societies and prestigious universities.

The multimedia content, developed with the latest educational technology, will provide the professional with situated and contextual learning, i.e., a simulated environment that will provide immersive knowledge programmed to learn in real situations.

This program is designed around Problem-Based Learning, whereby the professional must try to solve the different professional practice situations that arise throughout the program. For this purpose, the student will be assisted by an innovative interactive video system created by renowned and experienced experts.  

A 100% online program where in 6 weeks you will be able to implement libraries with Graddl and set up Frameworks to connect to an API"

curso online frameworks utilizados desarrollo aplicaciones

It addresses Clean Code and the use of Development Patterns to make your code more readable, reusable and extendable without complication"


The syllabus has been designed based on the requirements of the frameworks applied to the specifics of application development on Android operating systems, following the requirements proposed by the teaching team of this Postgraduate Certificate. A syllabus has therefore been established whose sections that provides broad perspective of the implementation of functionalities and the development of a complete program in a programming language. From the beginning of the module, the student will expand their knowledge, obtaining a 100% online qualification thanks to the Relearning methodology that allows rapid learning and memorization of concepts and practices. 

formacion frameworks utilizados desarrollo aplicaciones

A curriculum that features React Native, the Framework developed by the Facebook giant"  

Module 1. Frameworks  Used in Android Application Development  

1.1.  Frameworks in Android Application Development  

1.1.1  Frameworks in Android Application Development  
1.1.2  Frameworks Types  
1.1.3  Selecting Project Frameworks  

1.2.  Android Framework Implementation  

1.2.1  Android Core  Frameworks for Java/Kotlin  
1.2.2  Jetpack Compose  
1.2.3  Frameworks in Other Languages  

1.3.  Library Management Systems in Development  

1.3.1  Gradle  
1.3.2  Automation with Gradle  
1.3.3  Maven Development Tool  

1.4. Clean Code  

1.4.1  Ordered Code  
1.4.2  Code Preparation in Android Applications  
1.4.3  Bikeshedding and Prioritization  

1.5.  Android Development Patterns  

1.5.1  Pattern Categories  
1.5.2  Differences between Patterns  
1.5.3  Factory, Observer and Singleton  

1.6.  MVP Model, View and Presenter  

1.6.1  MVC: Model, View and Controller  
1.6.2  Model, View and Presenter  
1.6.3  Practical Example: Pokemon Battle  

1.7.  MVVM: Model, View and View Model  

1.7.1 MVC vs. MVVM  
1.7.2  Model, View and View Model  
1.7.3  Practical Example: Pokemon Battle II  

1.8.  Most Used Frameworks and Libraries in Android  

1.8.1  API Interaction Libraries  
1.8.2  Data Conversion Libraries  
1.8.3  Firebase and Firebase Analytics  

1.9.  Android’s Visual Framework   

1.9.1  Life Cycle of an Android Application  
1.9.2  XML View Design  
1.9.3  Design of Elements and Animations in XML  

1.10.  Android Frameworks in Other Languages  

1.10.1  React Native  
1.10.2  Flutter  
1.10.3  Ionic  

estudiar frameworks utilizados desarrollo aplicaciones

A program designed to speed up work in app development"