The complete and profound analysis of the texts of the Acts of the Apostles in a Postgraduate Certificate created to increase your critical and analytical skills”

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This Postgraduate Certificate is a high-quality educational opportunity for those interested in advancing their knowledge of sacred texts.

Students will recognize the Gospel literary genre in its first synoptic form, understand the contexts that generated its production, analyze the main theological themes that emerge from it and the text of the Acts of the Apostles, which will allow them to discuss the different hypotheses presented throughout history regarding the synoptic problem and the historical problems in the book of Acts. 

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Analyze the main theological themes that emerge from the texts of the Acts of the Apostles through a course created for specialists in the field”

This Postgraduate Certificate in Synoptic Gospels and Acts of the Apostles contains the most complete and up-to-date educational program on the market. Its most notable features are:

  • Practical cases that apply the theoretical content through real life situations
  • The graphic, schematic, and eminently practical content with which they are conceived
  • The great variety of practical exercises where the self-evaluation process can be carried out to improve learning
  • An algorithm-based interactive learning system that enables decision-making in the situations that are presented
  • Its intensive focus on practical learning
  • High quality theoretical lessons, with questions to the expert, discussion forums on controversial topics and individual reflection work
  • Content that is accessible from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection

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We support you at all times, thanks to an involved and committed teaching staff. The teaching team transmits their expertise of their professional performance, working from a real, lively and dynamic context. 

But above all, TECH explores students’ critical side, their ability to question things, their problem-solving skills, as well as their interpersonal skills.

The theories of thought generated around the Synoptic Gospels and the debate maintained throughout the centuries are the object of study of this highly specialized Postgraduate Certificate"

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This curriculum is designed for those who want to increase their professional competence in religious sciences or deepen their humanistic side. Created with high quality content, it prepares students to reach the highest levels in their profession. This program has been developed in a comprehensive manner to achieve the most complete competencies in each of its areas. The teaching staff is highly qualified at both the theological and teaching levels, and they implement the best educational methodology. Because learning from the best is the easiest way to become the best.

curso evangelios sinopticos hechos apostoles Tech Universidad

Adaptable, flexible and versatile: Our curriculum is designed so you can decide when, how and the amount of time and effort you wish to devote to your training. And without compromising educational efficiency”

Module 1. Synoptic Gospels and Acts of the Apostles

1.1. Literary Aspects of the Gospels

1.1.1. The Synoptic Act
1.1.2. The Problem of the Q Source
1.1.3. Literary Forms of the Gospels
1.1.4. Exegetical Readings of the Gospels
1.1.5. Criteria of Historicity of the Gospels

1.2. The Historical Framework of Jesus' Ministry

1.2.1. Political and Socio--Economic Structure of Palestine
1.2.2. Trends, Structures and Religious Groups among the Jews in Jesus' Time

1.3. The Gospel of Mark

1.3.1. Introductory Questions
1.3.2. The Structure of the Gospel: Global Reading
1.3.3. The Miracles of Jesus: Reading Clues

1.4. The Gospel of Matthew

1.4.1. Introductory Questions
1.4.2. The Structure of the Gospel: Global Reading
1.4.3. Jesus’ Parables: Reading Clues

1.5. General Introduction to the Work of Luke

1.5.1. Main Textual Problems
1.5.2. Luke in the Apostolic Tradition
1.5.3. Data Contained in the Work of Luke
1.5.4. The Plan behind the Work: Jesus Christ and the Church

1.6. The Gospel of Luke

1.6.1. Original Structure and Content
1.6.2. Its Place in the Gospel Tradition (relation to Mark, Micah and John)
1.6.3. Luke's Account of the Infancy vs. Matthew's
1.6.4. Luke's Own Parables

1.7. The Acts of the Apostles

1.7.1. The Work of Theologian Historians
1.7.2. Relation to the Third Gospel
1.7.3. Literary Aspects
1.7.4. Historical and Theological Aspects
1.7.5. The Universality of Salvation
1.7.6. Peter and Paul

1.8. Consciousness of a New People

1.8.1. The Pentecostal Event
1.8.2. Primitive Preaching
1.8.3. Apostolic Authority: Works and Words
1.8.4. Social and Religious Characteristics of the First Christian Community
1.8.5. Organization and Ministries
1.8.6. The First Controversies and Community Problems

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A curriculum designed to make it easy for you to achieve your Postgraduate Certificate in Synoptic Gospels and Acts of the Apostles with fluency and efficiency”