An analysis of all the periods throughout the history of the Church, with the crucial elements required to understand it”

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Thanks to this complete course, students will be able to distinguish, understand and explain the major chronological periods into which the history of the Church is divided, the reason for this division and its chronology, explain the development, mission and spread of the Catholic Church throughout the Western world during the first eight centuries of Christianity. They will also be able to understand, use and explain the language of Church History, identify the defining structural features of the Church in Ancient Times, including the chronological evolution, and explain the current behaviors of the Church as a result of a historical process, relating them to events, phenomena, problems and behaviors of the past. 

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Module 1. History of the Ancient Church

1.1. Historical Beginnings of Christianity

1.1.1. Christian Historiography and the Division of Church History
1.1.2. The Historical Question of Jesus of Nazareth
1.1.3. The Three Cultural Worlds of the Mediterranean World: Palestine, Greece, Rome
1.1.4. Foundation of the Church

1.2. Historical Characteristics of the First Dissemination of Christianity

1.2.1. Community of Jerusalem
1.2.2. Judeo-Christianity and Hellenistic-Christianity
1.2.3. Apostolic Activities
1.2.4. The Persecutions in the 1st Century

1.3. Mission and Spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire

1.3.1. Church Expansion and Organization
1.3.2. The Church and the Roman Empire: Attacks and Apologies
1.3.3. The Persecutions in the 3rd Century
1.3.4. Heterodox Currents

1.4. Hellenization of the Church

1.4.1. The Gnostic Crisis and Ecclesiastical Refutation
1.4.2. Schools of Alexandria and of Antioquia
1.4.3. The Emergence of Theology
1.4.4. Discussions about the Date of Easter

1.5. Formation of the Great Ecclesiastical Centers

1.5.1. Rome and North Africa
1.5.2. Alexandria
1.5.3. Asia Minor
1.5.4. Liturgy and Christian Art

1.6. The Last Persecution and the Peace of the Church

1.6.1. Christianity and the Roman Empire on the Eve of the Last Persecution
1.6.2. The "Constantinian Peace" and Its Impact on the Life of the Church
1.6.3. Political and Social Function of the Church: Christianity as the Official Religion
1.6.4. The Formation of Dioceses and the "Episcopal Audience"

1.7. The Imperial Church

1.7.1. The Councils of the 4th Century: Nicea and Constantinople
1.7.2. Donatism and Arianism, Theological-Political Problems
1.7.3. Appearance and Expansion of Monasticism
1.7.4. The Councils of the 5th Century: Ephesus and Chalcedon

1.8. Late Antiquity

1.8.1. The Main Barbarian Movements
1.8.2. The Participation of the Church in the Formation of Central Europe
1.8.3. Relations between Rome and Byzantium
1.8.4. The Kingdom of the Franks and Its Relations with the Church

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