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Video games occupy a very important place in people's lives. They encompass a series of perfectly aligned elements, providing not only a challenge for players, but a narrative that engages the imagination of young and old people alike. It is, therefore, not surprising that many should want to develop and design their own video games.

In this sense, when we talk about Video Game Design, we are actually referring to a broad process of creativity and the collaboration of various teams that will give life to a new game. Therefore, this work encompasses a series of activities such as: Character design, story, goals, rules, setting, among others. The aim is to define what the game will become and how to encourage the player to complete it.

For that reason, the most important companies are looking for designers who are creative, ingenious, possess great ideas and, above all, have a passion for video games. To enhance all this, this Postgraduate Diploma in Video Game Design has been developed to maximize, from an up-to-date and novel perspective, all the skills that will help students to face the challenge of developing such an important project from scratch.

First, the student will be introduced to the theory of video game design, covering those elements that engage players, such as challenges and gameplay. Then, we will proceed to write and illustrate a presentation document, which will contain each of the parts of the design: General idea, market, Gameplay, mechanics, levels, progression, game elements, HUD and interface. Finally, the role of Project Management for the development of video games will be presented.

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This Postgraduate Diploma in Video Game Design contains the most complete and innovative educational program on the market. Its key characteristics are as follows:

  • Immersion in the world of video game design, with which the student will obtain all the necessary knowledge to work in this field
  • Learning through practical exercises so that the student may acquire skills more immediately
  • Contents focused on practical learning, with the use of a variety of formats and methodologies
  • Flexibility, whereby students can complete the program in the way that best suits them personal and professional circumstances
  • The accompaniment of the teacher, who will make sure that students learn appropriately
  • Access to content from any fixed or portable device with an Internet connection 

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The program includes in its teaching staff professionals from the sector who bring to this training the experience of their work, as well as recognized specialists from leading societies and prestigious universities.

The multimedia content, developed with the latest educational technology, will provide the professional with situated and contextual learning, i.e., a simulated environment that will provide immersive training programmed to train in real situations.

This program is designed around Problem-Based Learning, whereby the professional must try to solve the different professional practice situations that arise throughout the program. For this purpose, the student will be assisted by an innovative interactive video system created by renowned and experienced experts.  

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The contents of this Postgraduate Diploma have been developed by a group of professionals who are aware of the needs of this sector. As a result, it provides students with an in-depth perspective of the specifics of Video Game Design, starting with the planning of challenges and culminating with the development of a presentation document. Throughout all the modules they acquire the skills they need to design video games in important companies such as Blizzard or Sony. 

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Everything you need to develop the next successful video game is condensed in this Postgraduate Diploma"

Module 1.   Video Game Design  

1.1. The Design 

1.1.1. Design 
1.1.2. Types of Design 
1.1.3. Design Process 

1.2. Design Elements 

1.2.1. Rules 
1.2.2. Balance 
1.2.3. Fun  

1.3. Types of Players 

1.3.1. Explorer and Social 
1.3.2. Killer and Achievers 
1.3.3. Differences  

1.4. Player Skills 

1.4.1. Role Skills 
1.4.2. Action Skills 
1.4.3. Platform Skills 

1.5. Game Mechanics I 

1.5.1. Components 
1.5.2. Physical 
1.5.3. Items 

1.6. Game Mechanics II 

1.6.1. Keys 
1.6.2. Platforms 
1.6.3. Enemies 

1.7. Other Elements 

1.7.1. Mechanisms 
1.7.2. Dynamics 
1.7.3. Esthetics 

1.8. Video Game Analysis 

1.8.1. Analysis of Gameplay 
1.8.2. Artistic Analysis 
1.8.3. Style Analysis 

1.9. Video Level Design 

1.9.1. Designing Interior Levels 
1.9.2. Designing Exterior Levels 
1.9.3. Designing Mixed Levels 

1.10. Advanced-Level Design 

1.10.1. Puzzles 
1.10.2. Enemies 
1.10.3. Environment. 

Module 2. DesignDocumentation 

2.1. Structure of the Document 

2.1.1. Design Document 
2.1.2. Structure A 
2.1.3. Style  

2.2. General Idea, Market and References 

2.2.1. General Idea 
2.2.2. Market 
2.2.3. References 

2.3. Setting, Story and Characters 

2.3.1. Ambience 
2.3.2. History 
2.3.3. Characters 

2.4.     Gameplay, Mechanisms and Enemies 

2.4.1. Gameplay 
2.4.2. Mechanisms  
2.4.3. Enemies and NPC 

2.5. Controls 

2.5.1. Controller 
2.5.2. Laptop 
2.5.3. Computer 

2.6. Levels and Progression 

2.6.1. Levels 
2.6.2. Journey 
2.6.3. Progression 

2.7. Items, Skills and Elements 

2.7.1. Items 
2.7.2. Skills 
2.7.3. Components  

2.8. Achievements

2.8.1. Medals 
2.8.2. Secret Characters 
2.8.3. Extra Points 

2.9. HUD and Interface 

2.9.1. HUD 
2.9.2. Interface 
2.9.3. Structure 

2.10. Saved and Attached 

2.10.1. Saved 
2.10.2. Annexed Information 
2.10.3. Final Details 

Module 3. Production and Management 

3.1. Production 

3.1.1. The Production Process 
3.1.2. Production I 
3.1.3. Production II 

3.2. Phases of Video Game Development 

3.2.1. Conception Phase 
3.2.2. Design Phase 
3.2.3. Planning Phase 

3.3. Phases of Video Game Development II 

3.3.1. Production Phase 
3.3.2. Testing Phase 
3.3.3. Distribution and Marketing Phase 

3.4. Production and Management 

3.4.1. CEO/ General Manager 
3.4.2. Chief Financial Officer 
3.4.3. Sales Manager 

3.5. The Production Process 

3.5.1. Preproduction 
3.5.2. Production 
3.5.3. Postproduction 

3.6. Job Positions and Functions 

3.6.1. Designers 
3.6.2. Programming 
3.6.3. Artists 

3.7. Game Designer 

3.7.1. Creative Designer 
3.7.2. Lead Designer 
3.7.3. Senior Designer 

3.8. Programming 

3.8.1. Technical Director 
3.8.2. Lead Programmer 
3.8.3. Senior Programmer 

3.9. Art 

3.9.1. Creative Artist 
3.9.2. Lead Artist 
3.9.3. Senior Artist 

3.10. Other Profiles 

3.10.1. Lead Animator 
3.10.2. Senior Animator 
3.10.3. Juniors 

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