Roberto Aguado Romo is a psychologist specialized in Clinical and Health Psychology, expert in the use of Time Limited Psychotherapies. Thus, he has developed his profession in a large number of private practices, in order to ensure the mental well-being of his patients.  

However, he also enjoys a prolific career in the field of research, as he has carried out projects and trials at the CerNep Clinical Center of the University of Almeria or at the European Institute of Time-Limited Psychotherapies. As a result of this activity, he has been both author and co-author of numerous books related to Psychogeriatrics or overcoming phobias, among other topics. 

His passion for the field of teaching has catapulted him into the teaching profession, teaching in postgraduate university studies and in various training courses for psychologists.  

  • President of the European Institute for Time-Limited PsychotherapyPsychologist in private practice
  • Researcher in Time-Limited Psychotherapies
  • Coordinator of the orientation team of numerous schools
  • Author of several books on Psychology 
  • Expert communicator in Psychology in the media
  • Lecturer in university courses and postgraduate studies
  • President of the European Institute of Time-Limited Psychotherapies
  • Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology 
  • Specialist in Clinical Psychology 
  • Specialist in Focusing by selective dissociation   
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