Why study at TECH?

For many companies, efficiency is a key concept: this program will prepare you to supervise operations and propose the best solutions in each economic process of a company"  

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Why Study at TECH?

TECHis the world's largest 100% online business school. It is an elite business school, with a model based on the highest academic standards. A world-class centre for intensive managerial skills training.   

TECH is a university at the forefront of technology, and puts all its resources at the student's disposal to help them achieve entrepreneurial success"

At TECH Technological University

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The university offers an online learning model that combines the latest educational technology with the most rigorous teaching methods. A unique method with the highest international recognition that will provide students with the keys to develop in a rapidly-evolving world, where innovation must be every entrepreneur’s focus.

"Microsoft Europe Success Story", for integrating the innovative, interactive multi-video system 
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The Highest Standards

Admissions criteria at TECH are not economic. Students don't need to make a large investment to study at this university. However, in order to obtain a qualification from TECH, the student's intelligence and ability will be tested to their limits. The institution's academic standards are exceptionally high...  

95% of TECH students successfully complete their studies
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Professionals from countries all over the world attend TECH, allowing students to establish a large network of contacts that may prove useful to them in the future.

100.000+ executives trained each year, 200+ different nationalities
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Students will grow hand in hand with the best companies and highly regarded and influential professionals. TECH has developed strategic partnerships and a valuable network of contacts with major economic players in 7 continents.

500+ collaborative agreements with leading companies
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This program is a unique initiative to allow students to showcase their talent in the business world. An opportunity that will allow them to voice their concerns and share their business vision.

After completing this program, TECH helps students show the world their talent
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Multicultural Context

While studying at TECH, students will enjoy a unique experience. Study in a multicultural context. In a program with a global vision, through which students can learn about the operating methods in different parts of the world, and gather the latest information that best adapts to their business idea. 

TECH students represent more than 200 different nationalities
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Learn with the best

In the classroom, TECH’s teaching staff discuss how they have achieved success in their companies, working in a real, lively, and dynamic context. Teachers who are fully committed to offering a quality specialization that will allow students to advance in their career and stand out in the business world. 

Teachers representing 20 different nationalities

TECH strives for excellence and, to this end, boasts a series of characteristics that make this university unique:

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TECH explores the student’s critical side, their ability to question things, their problem-solving skills, as well as their interpersonal skills.

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Academic Excellence

TECH offers students the best online learning methodology. The university combines the Re-learning methodology (the most internationally recognized postgraduate learning methodology) with Harvard Business School case studies. A complex balance of traditional and state-of-the-art methods, within the most demanding academic framework.   

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Economy of Scale

TECH is the world’s largest online university. It currently boasts a portfolio of more than 10,000 university postgraduate programs. And in today's new economy, volume + technology = a ground-breaking price. This way, TECH ensures that studying is not as expensive for students as it would be at another university.  

At TECH you will have access to Harvard Business School case studies"  

Structure and content

This Postgraduate Certificate in Operations, Processes and Efficiency in Consulting is composed of 1 specialized module through which the student will be able to deepen in issues such as the actors of the operations, the design, value and service chains, the variables of the operation, the analysis of information systems or the optimization, digitization and transformation of processes. All this, through the best multimedia resources: interactive summaries, case studies, complementary readings or master classes, among many others. 

The most complete and up to date content on the market in business consulting focused on the supervision of operations are found in this program" 


On numerous occasions, the success or failure of a company depends on the correct evaluation and execution of operations and processes. That's why having a great specialist overseeing these tasks and ensuring that they are carried out efficiently is critical. 

This program deepens in that work, since it provides the professional with the most advanced knowledge in aspects such as the tangential variables of operations, especially those related to human resources and conflict resolution, task mining or the global vision of processes. 

Thus, through a completely online learning system, the student will be updated in these aspects over 6 weeks and 150 hours of teaching. 

This Postgraduate Certificate, therefore, has been designed with the labor market and the current reality of the profession in mind, since all its contents have a great utility in the consulting of all types of businesses. 

This Postgraduate Certificate takes place over 6 weeks and consists of 1 module: 

Module 1. Operations, processes and efficiency

curso online operaciones procesos eficiencia consultoria

Where, When and How is it Taught?

TECH offers the possibility of developing this Postgraduate Certificate in Operations, Processes and Efficiency in Consultancy totally online. During the 6 weeks of the specialization, the student will be able to access all the contents of this program at any time, which will allow the student to self-manage his or her study time. 

Module 1. Operations, processes and efficiency

1.1. The operations

         1.1.1. Estrategy vs. Surgery
         1.1.2. The actors of the operations

1.2. The structure of operations

         1.2.1. Sequence of activities
         1.2.2. Design chain
         1.2.3. Value Chain
         1.2.4. Service chain

1.3. Operation Variables

         1.3.1. Transaction variables
         1.3.2. Process analysis
         1.3.3. Flow analysis

1.4. Other considerations on operating variables

         1.4.1. Human Resources
         1.4.2. Information systems analysis
         1.4.3. Conflict Resolution

1.5. Company processes

         1.5.1. Process overview
         1.5.2. Frontoffice
         1.5.3. Backoffice

1.6. The operational process par excellence: the supply chain

         1.6.1. The supply chain
         1.6.2. Supply chain challenges
         1.6.3. Solutions through operations

1.7. Process efficiency

         1.7.1. Critical processes
         1.7.2. Identification of areas for improvement
         1.7.3. Efficiency measurement indicators

1.8. Optimization, digitalization and transformation of processes

         1.8.1. Business Process Management (BPM)
         1.8.2. Process Mining
         1.8.3. Task Mining
         1.8.4. Process Robotization (RPA)

1.9. Outsourcing and process centralization strategies

         1.9.1. BPO vs. CSC in processes
         1.9.2. Conceptualization of a CSC
         1.9.3. Critical aspects of a CSC

1.10. Continuous improvement in operations

         1.10.1. The area of quality and processes in the organization
         1.10.2. Achieving continuous improvement
         1.10.3. Digital transformation associated with continuous improvement

diplomado acreditado operaciones procesos eficiencia consultoria

Learn, from the best teachers, the best strategies for outsourcing and centralization of processes"