Why study at TECH?

This course will be the ideal tool for the manager or professional, as it will allow him/her to understand the legal and juridical system that protects the worker against possible occupational hazards"

Why Study at TECH?

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We offer you an online learning model that combines the latest educational technology with the most rigorous teaching methods. A unique method with the highest international recognition. 

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Structure and content

The Postgraduate Certificate in Labor and Occupational Hazard Prevention Law is a tailor-made program that is taught 100% online so that you can choose the time and place that best suits your availability, schedule, and interests, and with the most complete and updated contents on the educational market.  

A program that takes place over 6 weeks and is intended to be a unique and stimulating experience that lays the foundation for your professional success in the sector of hazard prevention in labor environments.  

curso online derecho trabajo prevencion riesgos laborales Tech Universidad 

What you study is very important. The abilities and skills you acquire are fundamental. You won't find a more complete syllabus than this one. Trust TECH's endorsement"


The Postgraduate Certificate in Labor and Occupational Hazard Prevention Law of 

TECH Technological University is an intense program that prepares you to face challenges and business decisions both on a national and international level. 

The content of the Postgraduate Certificate in Labor and Occupational Hazard Prevention Law is designed to promote the development of managerial skills that enable more thorough decision-making in uncertain environments. 

Over the course of 150 hours, the student analyzes a plethora of practical cases through individual and team work. It is, therefore, an authentic immersion in real business situations.  

This Postgraduate Certificate in Labor and Occupational Hazard Prevention Law deals in depth with all the different departments of a company and is designed to train managers who understand strategic management from a strategic, international and innovative perspective. 

A plan designed for you, focused on improving your career and preparing you to achieve excellence in leadership and business management. A program that understands both yours and your company's needs through innovative content based on the latest trends, and supported by the best educational methodology and an exceptional faculty, which will provide you with the skills to solve critical situations, creatively and efficiently.  

This Postgraduate Certificate takes place over 6 weeks and is taught entirely online.

Módulo 1. The Right to Work and the Prevention of Occupational Hazards

curso derecho trabajo prevencion riesgos laborales Tech Universidad 

Where, when and how it is taught

This Postgraduate Certificate  takes place over 6 weeks. You can do it completely online, including attending our workshops and virtual conferences. 

Module 1. Labor and Occupational Hazard Prevention Law

1.1. Sources of Labor Law. The Identity of Labor Law  

1.1.1. Concept and List of Sources 
1.1.2. The Laws 
1.1.3. The Regulations  
1.1.4. Collective Bargaining Agreements  

1.2. Regulatory System of Labor Law 

1.2.1. Labour Laws  
1.2.2. Applying Labor Laws 
1.2.3. Enforcement Bodies    

1.3.    International and Community Laws  

1.3.1.    International Labor Laws  
1.3.2.    Principles of International Labor Law  
1.3.3.    The International Labor Organization  
1.3.4.    ILO Recommendations  

1.4.    Labor Relationships System 

1.4.1.    Basic Labor Relationships  
1.4.2.    Worker Representation in the Company  
1.4.3.    Social Security Relationships 

1.5.    The General Social Security System 

1.5.1.    Social Security Identity  
1.5.2.    The Spanish Social Security System  
1.5.3.    Duties and Responsibilities to Obtain Benefits  

1.6.    The Protective Action of Social Security  

1.6.1.    Occupational and Common Contingencies: Occupational Accident and Professional Disease  
1.6.2.    Benefits: Legal Regime  
1.6.3.    Health Care  
1.6.4.    Temporary Disability and Permanent Disability

1.7.    The Vicissitudes of the Labor Relationship  

1.7.1.    Introduction  
1.7.2.    Geographic Mobility  
1.7.3.    Functional Mobility  
1.7.4.    Leaves of Absence, Substitutions and Suspension of Employment Contracts  

1.8.    Termination of the Labor Relationship  

1.8.1.    Introduction  
1.8.2.    Ways of Terminating Labor Relationships  
1.8.3.    Effects of Terminating a Labor Relationship  

1.9.    Special Labor Relationships  

1.9.1.    Introduction  
1.9.2.    Special Working Relationships  
1.9.3.    Types of Special Working Relationships

1.10.    Labor Relations in Conflict  

1.10.1.    Introduction  
1.10.2.    Labor Disputes  
1.10.3.    Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution Procedures  
1.10.4.    Judicial Dispute Resolution Procedures 

The program is supplemented by

  • Business Development Project 
  • Leadership, teamwork and negotiation workshops  
  • Networking events  
  • Activities aimed at professional development and personal branding 
  • Practical seminars  
  • Conferences given by high-level companies  
  • Career coaching services  
  • Participation in work and research groups  
  • Entrepreneur Club of TECH Technological University 

A unique, key, and decisive training experience to boost your professional development and make the definitive leap”